1. PSA: I'll be taking requests indefinitely, thought it may take me a minute to get to everyone :)
  2. I need your: birthdate, place of birth, and time of birth (if you have)
    Plus anything in particular you'd like me to look for in your chart, such as: love, career, strengths, weaknesses, sex, relationships, family, luck, compatibility, etc.
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  4. @francium Rising: Virgo ♍️ Sun: Libra ♎️ Moon: Aries ♈️ Mercury: Libra ♎️ Venus: Leo ♌️ Mars: Scorpio ♌️
    So your rising, Virgo, the mutable Earth Virgin, is represented by being logical, nurturing, analytical, good at organization or making lists, sometimes hypercritical (especially of themselves) or harsh, Virgo can also be shy, but knows what they like. Libra, the Air sign Scales, represents balance and harmony. Libra is a diplomat, and usually mediates arguments or disagreements. Libra has a knack for aesthetic/beauty and the arts, and has good taste in music and fashion. Sometimes indecisive.
  5. @francium Your Moon, which is in the Fire sign of Aries, is represented by the Ram, and is the first sign of the Zodiac. That being said, Aries is self-assertive, bold, courageous, boisterous, generous, and sometimes has a quick temper or can be moody and impulsive. Your Mercury, planet of communication, also in Libra, shows that you're most likely
    The kind of person that likes to make people feel comfortable and at ease, which comes naturally for charming Libra. Libra in Mercury weighs out their options and decisions before coming to a conclusion, instead of snap-judgments. Libra is classy, tasteful, and elegant. Your Venus, planet of love, in Leo, the Fire Lion King, shows that you are usually quite attractive and charming to others, making you a magnet for friends. You hold those close to you with a high level of loyalty and expect the
  6. @francium Same back, while in love, you enjoy dignity, pride, and respect. Once you lose respect, your relationship is pretty much done. You admire those of high regard and status. Leo can sometimes be arrogant and selfish, but is also warm, kind-hearted, fun-loving, devoted, and have a good sense of humor. Scorpio, Water Scorpion, rules Mars
    The planet of war/arguments, which yours is in! This means you're probably a strong debater and good with argument. Scorpio is passionate and intense, and usually sees things black or white, especially with what (and who) they like or dislike. Scorpio has a tendency to hold a grudge or go for vengeance, as they have strong emotions. Scorpio can be investigative, no-nonsense, humorous, quick-witted, devoted, sexual, and obsessive.
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  8. @aliciamcelhaney Rising: Aquarius ♒️ Sun: Cancer ♋️ Moon: Taurus ♉️ Mercury: Gemini ♊️ Venus: Leo ♌️ Mars: Gemini ♊️
    So your rising, Aquarius, the fixed Air Water Bearer, is an Air sign that's philosophical, a humanitarian, ahead of the curve, and want to to the public a service by convincing them your ideas and ways are the right way to do things! Aquarius loves equality and justice, and is very intellectual, calm, cool, and collected. Your Sun, Cancer, the Water Crab, is very intuitive and oftentimes an empath, reeling in the feelings of those around you. Nurturing, motherly, compassionate, considerate, and
  9. @aliciamcelhaney Sometimes taken advantage of, Cancer can be overly-sensitive and overly-emotional. Cancer finds importance in family, home life, and sentimentality. Your Moon, ruling emotions, in Taurus, the fixed Earth Bull, shows that you're cautious and considerate in your decisions, and are sometimes a slow-mover, though the job is done well
    Taurus is very sensual, and can have an affinity for foods or aesthetics/art. Taurus is usually overly-stubborn and can sometimes have a hard time breaking from their shell or beliefs. Emotionally, Taurus is pretty stable and logical, as an Earth sign, though they can also be judgmental or conservative. Gemini, the Air Twins, rules Mercury, and yours happens to be in its sign! Since Mercury is planet of communication, it's likely you enjoy verbal communication, and are good at argument, debate,
  10. @aliciamcelhaney and have a ton of mental energy. Gemini tends to be restless and can harbor nervous energy if not released physically. Gemini is inquisitive, curious, cultural, into traveling and diversity, and can sometimes have a short attention span, or get over projects they start. Your Mars, planet of war, is also in Gemini, signaling a
    Tendency to get overly-aggressive or antagonistic, sometimes playing the Devil's Advocate just for arguments-sake or to prove a point. Your Venus, planet of love, in Leo, the Fire Lion King, shows that you're very regal, have a lot of pride and dignity, and tend to be a magnet for friends, as you're charming and warm. Leo likes respect, and once it's lost, the relationship is done. Leo likes people of high regard and status, and can be arrogant or power-hungry.
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  12. @eriknmichaelssrn Rising: Cancer ♋️ Sun: Pisces ♓️ Moon: Libra ♎️ Mercury: Aquarius ♒️ Venus: Aries ♈️ Mars: Capricorn ♑️
    So your rising sign is 00 degrees in Cancer, which means it's right on the cusp of Gemini/Cancer. For now I'm just doing a reading on Cancer, but if you feel like it's not really accurate, I can also tweak the time a bit and do a reading on Gemini, as your Rising is a pretty "big" placement! Cancer is the Water Crab, ruling the Moon, planet of emotions. This means Cancer is very intuitive, and usually overly-sensitive and overly-emotional. Nurturing, motherly, a love for home life, family, and
  13. @eriknmichaelssrn those they love, Cancer's find relationships important. Generous and giving, Cancer's can get walked over or taken advantage of. Cancer likes security and the known, and is protective and defensive. Pisces, another Water sign, the mutable Fish, is dreamy, mysterious, wandering, also sensitive and emotional, and tends to be
    An empath, soaking in the emotions of those around them, sometimes feeling drained or lethargic. Sometimes shy and romantic, Pisces is also compassionate and a humanitarian. Your Moon, ruling emotions, in Libra, the Air Scales, represents balance, harmony, and equality. Libra likes everyone to get along, and will sometimes sacrifice confrontation for peace. Libra is a diplomat and a good mediator, and is good at socializing, friendships, being attractive and charming to others, and can be
  14. @eriknmichaelssrn overly indulgent or lazy. With emotions, they crave a balance, and don't like their scales to be purposely tipped! Your Mercury, planet of communication, in Aquarius, Air sign Water-Bearer, shows intelligence and a tendency to be overly-opinionated, thinking your way is the best. You enjoy mental simulation, and appreciate justice
    And equality, hoping for pragmatism and fair-mindedness. Aquarius is good at remaining objective/impartial and good at giving advice. Your Venus, planet of love, in Aries, the 1st sign of the zodiac, a Fire Ram, shows that you're a self-starter and aggressive with what you want. When your sights are set, you go strong and while-heartedly. Affectionate, warm, and generous, Aries can also be quick-tempered and quick-to-judge. Your Mars in Capricorn shows ambition, dedication, and self-discipline.
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  16. @Equivokate Rising: Libra ♎️ Sun: Virgo ♍️ Moon: Pisces ♓️ Mercury: Virgo ♍️ Venus: Cancer ♋️ Mars: Libra ♎️
    You and I have the same Rising, Sun, and Mercury! Okay, so Libra Rising is in its own placement, and considered to be the most attractive sign! Libra is usually charming and popular by nature, great with socializing, and a true diplomat. Libra is philosophical, imaginative, a fan of arts, music, aesthetics, and has good taste. Libra can sometimes be too peaceful, and sacrifice confrontation, can be overly indulgent, and indecisive. Libra in Mars, planet of war, shows a natural mediator, one who
  17. @Equivokate typically loves peace and harmony, and tries to make those around them comfortable. Libra is one for justice and being fair, and hopes to see equality and cooperation, as they represent The Scales! Your sun, Virgo, the mutable Earth Virgin, rules Mercury, planet of communication, where your Mercury also happens to be. This means you're
    Most likely a natural communicator, good with being concise, descriptive, intelligent, and love to challenge others with debate or healthy argument. Virgo is an Earth sign, which are grounded, sensible, practical, down-to-Earth, and sometimes harsh, insensitive, and overly critical (of themselves, too). Virgo is nurturing, hard working, sensual, and likes things to be clean, organized, enjoys making lists and doing puzzles, pays attention to detail. Your Moon, planet of emotions, in Pisces, the
  18. @Equivokate Water Fish, represents strong intuition, a dreamy, mysterious disposition, a tendency to be overly-sensitive or emotional, and can be an empath, one who soaks in the emotions of those around them, sometimes feeling drained by others. Pisces has a great imagination, is compassionate and a humanitarian, fighting for the greater good, and
    Can sometimes be taken advantage of or in need of thicker skin. Your Venus, planet of love, in Cancer, the Water Crab, also represents strong intuition, compassion for others, a motherly, nurturing disposition, and need of emotional support from those close to them, regarding family and loved ones in the highest regard, and will get defensive over them. Cancer is faithful and devoted, and shows total commitment, and since they love whole-heartedly, their heart will be fully broken if shattered.
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  20. @americson Rising: Scorpio ♏️ Sun: Cancer ♋️ Moon: Aries ♈️ Mercury: Cancer ♋️ Venus: Cancer ♋️ Mars: Taurus ♉️
    Okay, so your chart is interesting because you're mainly Water (Cancer, Scorpio) with one Fire (Aries) and one Earth (Taurus) to give you a little more balance! Your rising, Scorpio, the fixed Water Scorpion, is a born investigator, passionate, overly-emotional at times, mysterious, intense, you like to experience life at the cutting edge. Scorpio can be vengeful or hold a grudge, and is resourceful, intuitive, a formidable debater and opponent, and can be obsessive and possessive.
  21. @americson Cancer, the Water Crab, is represented by being very intuitive, motherly, nurturing, warm, compassionate, sensitive, and can be overly-emotional, moody, crabby, and defensive. Cancer loves home and their family, and finds security in close relationships. Cancer's have the tendency to be taken advantage of or find themselves not speaking
    Up. Your Mercury, planet of communication, also in Cancer, shows that you have a good memory and enjoy sentiment, and have a hard time thinking clearly when emotionally clouded or shaken. You like the familiar and sometimes feel hesitant of the unknown. Your Venus, planet of love, also in Cancer, shows true and utter devotion and commitment, usually faithful and overly considerate, and sometimes has a tendency to be overly jealous or possessive. Your Moon, ruling emotions, in Aries, the 1st
  22. @americson sign of the Zodiac, the Fire Ram, shows bravery, self-assertion, and confidence. Aries is quick to think and assess, and can be quick to judge. Aries is courageous and generous, and can be quick-tempered, blunt, and tactless. Your Mars, planet of war, in Taurus, the fixed Earth Bull, shows slow and deliberate hard work, taking your time
    To do things right. Taurus is stable, grounded, practical, sometimes overly cautious and conservative, very stubborn and tends to bottle in their feelings or resentments. Taurus is also calm, considerate, and has a love for food.
  23. @beanstar
  24. @beanstar Rising: Sagittarius ♐️ Sun: Leo ♌️ Moon: Sagittarius ♐️ Mercury: Virgo ♍️ Venus: Virgo ♍️ Mars: ♍️
    Wow, your chart is so polarizing, since the first half is all Fire (Leo, Sagittarius) and the second half is all Earth (so much Virgo just like me!). Sagittarius, the Fire Archer, is very free-spirited, open-minded, and likes diversity, culture, traveling, and broadening their horizons. Like Fire, they move fast, gloss over details, act before they think at times, and can be blunt, aggressive, and overly honest, though they can also take things personally. Sagittarius has tons of physical energy
  25. @beanstar and thrives outdoors or moving around frequently. Your Moon, ruling emotions, is also Sagittarius, and shows a love for the grand and beautiful, high expectations, independence, optimism, cheerful, and has a knack for metaphysics or the esoteric. Your Sun in Leo, the Fire Lion King, shows that you are regal, grand, and take pride in
    Having respect and dignity. You tend to be charming and warm, and others magnetize to you, the center of attention! Leo is high-spirited and fun-loving, but can also be domineering or hotheaded at times. Your Mercury (communication), Venus (love), and Mars (war/argument) are all in Virgo, which rules the planet Mercury, a strong placement for you. This means, you rule communication! You're typically effective at getting your point across, are a natural investigator and great with quick wit
  26. @beanstar and banter, Virgo is also sharp, cunning, curious, analytical, and sometimes harsh, insensitive, and overly-critical (also of themselves). Virgo is represented by the phrase "I analyze", and we are naturally good at attention-to-detail, organization, making lists, psychology and health, and tend to be perfectionists. Venus in Virgo
    Signifies a tendency to doubt yourself or be overly self-critical, thinking you're not doing good enough, when usually most admire your hard work! In relationships, Virgo will be devoted and committed, but only for the right person. Virgo tends to like those similar to them, rather than their opposite, since they're Earth, the grounded, practical, logical, sign. They can sometimes have a hard time relating to those they find illogical or emotionally driven. Mars in Virgo is systematic, driven.
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  28. @dmbanthony Rising: Taurus ♌️ Sun: Cancer ♋️ Moon: Libra ♎️ Mercury: Gemini ♊️ Venus: Gemini ♊️ Mars: Libra ♎️
    Cool, you have such a balance of different things! Starting with your rising in the fixed Earth sign Taurus, the Bull, is represented by being logical, cautious, calm, and deliberate. Taurus is persistent, friendly, charming, sensual, and has a love for aesthetics and food. Sometimes Taurus can be overly indulgent and lazy. Taurus is also very stubborn, you are the Bull, after all! Your Sun, in Cancer, the Water Crab, is much different, yet similar in some ways. Cancer is very intuitive,
  29. @dmbanthony sensual, motherly and nurturing, loves and is devoted to those close to them, appreciates home and family, and can be overly-sensitive, moody, crabby, and stubborn in your ways, as Cancer prefers the familiar over the unknown. Cancer is also very sentimental, considerate, and can be taken advantage of. Your Moon, ruling emotions, in
    Libra, the Air sign Scales, represents balance, equality, harmony, and peace between others. Libra is a diplomat, charming, attractive, alluring, drawn to the arts/music and aesthetics/beauty, and in emotions, likes to be balanced and rational, fair-minded, and justice-serving. Your Mercury and Venus are both in the Air sign Gemini, represented by The Twins. As two people, Gemini holds a lot of physical and mental energy, and gets restless easily, thriving off movement. Gemini is curious,
  30. @dmbanthony inquisitive, philosophical, humorous, and witty. Mercury, planet of communication, is actually ruled by Gemini, which means you're a strong communicator, and are probably good at argument, healthy debate, and have a tendency to play Devil's Advocate or be antagonistic for argument's sake. Mercury in Gemini loves mental stimulation and
    Travel. Venus in Gemini is usually quite charming and popular, and difficult to tie down. Gemini is open-minded and loves diversity, enjoying many relationships at times. Mars, planet of war, in Libra, shows that you're a good mediator, and sometimes sacrifice your own feelings or happiness to have peace and harmony. Libra is good at being impartial and giving advice or being a judge, but is indecisive in their personal life.
  31. Omg how cool! Can you do mine please? January 31, 1988, Reading, PA 2:30pm ☀
    Suggested by @theemilywest
  32. 6:10 pm on December 30th, 1996 in Freeland, Washington 🙈
    Suggested by @hannahtempest
  33. Ooh this is fascinating to me! I was born April 19, 1989 at 11:01 AM in Highland Park, Illinois :) Thanks pal!!
    Suggested by @roaringsoftly
  34. @savestheapril
  35. @savestheapril Rising: Sagittarius ♐️ Sun: Aries ♈️ Moon: Gemini ♊️ Mercury: Aries ♈️ Venus: Pisces ♓️ Mars: Leo ♌️
    You're mostly fire, with a touch of Water (Pisces) and Air (Gemini). Your rising, Sagittarius, is represented as the Fire Archer, philosophical, diverse, has an interest in culture and broadening their horizons, Sagittarius has lots of energy and can be restless and hard to tie down. Sagittarius Rising thrives off physical exercise. Your Sun, Aries, the Fire Ram, is the first sign of the zodiac. Fittingly, they're self-assured, confident, brave, blunt, boisterous, cheerful, upbeat, generous, and
  36. @savestheapril at times, can be temperamental and quick-to-judge. Aries is a born leader, and is also very independent. Your Mercury, planet of communication, is also in Aries, signifying a good debater and quick witted, independent thinker. Aries in Mercury can draw conclusions too quickly at times. Your Moon, ruling emotions, is in Gemini, the
    Opposite of Sagittarius, the mutable Air Twins. As two people, Gemini has a lot of leftover physical and mental energy, and craves stimulation. Sharp, quick tongued, curious, open-minded, and cunning, Gemini can be hard to tie down, or be duplicitous at times. In emotions, Gemini can teeter between how they feel, bouncing from one twin to the other! Your Venus, planet of love, is in the Water sign Pisces, represented by the mutable Fish. Pisces is dreamy, mysterious, imaginative, intuitive,
  37. @savestheapril sensitive, sometimes overly-emotional or has their head in the clouds. Pisces is nurturing, compassionate, giving, and sometimes taken advantage of in relationships. Pisces is an empath, soaking in the emotions of those around them. Your Mars, planet of war, in the Fire sign Leo, the Lion King, represents pride, dignity, respect,
    And loyalty. When your pride is threatened, you become domineering and callous. Leo is fun-loving, self-assertive, warm and generous. You will work hard to maintain respect, and when someone loses your respect, it's hard to gain it back!
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  39. @theemilywest Rising: Cancer ♋️ Sun: Aquarius ♒️ Moon: Cancer ♋️ Mercury: Aquarius ♒️ Venus: Pisces ♓️ Mars: Sagittarius ♐️
    Alright, so you're Rising and Moon are the same sign, Cancer, the Water Crab, which rules the Moon, centered around emotions. This means that as a Cancer Moon, you probably feel emotions deeply and have a strong intuition. Cancer is represented by being motherly, nurturing, compassionate, devoted, caring, considerate, a pushover, and sometimes overly-sensitive, crabby, and moody. Cancer and Pisces (your Venus) are empaths, soaking in the emotions of those around them. Your Sun and Mercury,
  40. @theemilywest planet of communication, are both in Aquarius, the Air sign Water-Bearer. Aquarius is intelligent, ahead of the curve, a trendsetter, a humanitarian, eccentric, offbeat, stubborn, interested in metaphysics or the esoteric, and can be stuck in their ways, trying to convince others their way is the best. Aquarius loves justice and
    Equality, and makes a good, impartial judge. Aquarius is good at remaining objective and tends to be good at the sciences. Mercury in Aquarius shows that you're opinionated, offbeat, have an interesting sense of humor, have original ideas, and thrive off mental stimulation. Your Venus, planet of love, in Pisces, a Water sign represented by the mutable Fish, signifies being dreamy, mysterious, intuitive, overly-sensitive or emotional, fanciful, and a daydreamer. Pisces can be taken advantage of
  41. @theemilywest if they don't speak up! Pisces is compassionate, considerate, and willing to be devoted and committed for the right person. Conversely, your Mars, planet of war, in Sagittarius, the Fire Archer, shows bluntness and bravery. Sagittarius represents broadening horizons and being open-minded, idealism, optimism, being free-spirited, and
    Can gloss over details, be brash or tactless, and hard to tie down. Sagittarius enjoys freedom and is curious and restless by nature, doing well with physical exercise.
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  43. @jessicaz Rising: Taurus ♉️ Sun: Virgo ♍️ Moon: Scorpio ♏️ Mercury: Leo ♌️ Venus: Virgo ♍️ Mars: Cancer ♋️
    Cool, such a mix! Your rising, Sun, and Venus are all Earth signs (Virgo, Taurus) and Virgo, your Moon and Mars are both Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio), and your Mercury is Fire (Leo). The only Air in your chart is your Pluto (Libra) which only changes signs through transit every 10 years! Your rising, Taurus, is the Earth Bull, the stubborn, persistent, stable, grounded, logical, practical, sensual, indulgent one, that sometimes bottles feelings and loses their temper. Taurus has great taste
  44. @jessicaz and has a love for foods and aesthetics. Taurus can be slow moving, and even lazy at times. Taurus is considerate, warm, caring, humorous, and passionate. Your Sun and Venus, planet of love, are both in Virgo, the mutable Earth Virgin. Virgo is pragmatic, down-to-Earth, nurturing, systematic, good with cleaning, organization, making
    Lists, verbal communication, puzzles, attention-to-detail, and can be over-critical, overly harsh or insensitive, shy, reserved, or judgmental. Virgo is a natural observer, perfectionist, worry-wart, and Virgo's phrase is "I analyze". Venus in Virgo is sometimes picky, but settles down whole-heartedly and loyally when they find the right partner. Your Moon, ruling emotions, in Scorpio, is a strong placement. Scorpio is a born investigator, very intuitive and over-emotional at times. Scorpio
  45. @jessicaz is passionate, intense, deep, mysterious, sexual, and as a detective, can be overly suspicious or possessive in relationships. Your Mercury, planet of communication, in Leo, Fire Lion, shows that you're stubborn in your ways, typically thinking your way is the right way and hard to convince! Leo is very proud, regal, and values respect
    Leo is a good director or leader, and loves to give advice. Leo appreciates honesty, and can sometimes be overly blunt. Your Mars, planet of war, in Cancer, the Water Crab, shows that you're very intuitive, as Cancer and Scorpio are one of the same. Cancer is defensive of their family and home, and does not like to be slighted. Cancer can take things too personally at times, and is nurturing, motherly, perceptive, and has a good memory.
  46. Omg COOL will you do mine?! June 23 1990 in Chicago IL 10:30 AM! ♋️
    Suggested by @LeahG
  47. @hannahtempest @roaringsoftly @LeahG I'll definitely be getting to you guys tonight or tomorrow, bedriddance isn't my friend, since my Virgo and Mars in Gemini have so much restless energy!
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  49. @LeahG Rising: Virgo ♍️ Sun: Cancer ♋️ on the end of the Gemini/Cancer cusp ♊️♋️ Moon: Cancer ♋️ Mercury: Gemini ♊️ Venus: Taurus ♉️ Mars : Aries ♈️
    Wow, I have so much to go over with you! Firstly, I was going to say you should give yourself a pat on the back, you're most definitely the only person with this many "correct" placements. What this means, is each sign (or two) rule a planet associated with a different element of life. For example, Cancer rules the Moon, emotions; Gemini (and Virgo) rule Mercury, planet of communication; Taurus (and Libra) rule Venus, planet of love; and Aries (and Scorpio) rule Mars, planet of war/argument/sex.
  50. @LeahG Since your planets are in their signs, it probably means you dominate at life or can be very observant and alert, and really intuitive and in touch with emotions and how people seem to work and function optimally. I also realized you are born exactly two days after one of my good friends (the one who got me into astrology!)
    so you two have all the same placements besides your Rising, which are much, much different. Speaking of, your rising sign is in the mutable Earth sign Virgo, represented by The Virgin. I'm a Virgo, @jessicaz is a Virgo, and I would say at least 75% of the charts I've done have some Virgo in them. Why? Because Virgo is the best list-maker! Virgo is an optimal performer at organization, attention-to-detail, cleaning, doing the tedious work everyone else hates, but aside from that, Virgo's also
  51. @LeahG logical, pragmatic, hard-working, nurturing, considerate, observant, analytical, and at times overly harsh, insensitive, and critical. Virgo's phrase is "I analyze". Your Sun sign is in the wee beginning of Cancer, meaning you're a cusp rider, like me! Some cusp riders feel a strong connection to one sign and not the other. Some feel right
    In the middle. Cancer, the Water Crab, is represented by being motherly, caring, compassionate, great memory, considerate, and sometimes can be taken advantage of or non-confrontational. Cancer loves their home and loved ones, and is typically a homebody that likes familiar surroundings. Cancer rules the Moon, meaning they're very intuitive and in touch emotionally. Sometimes overly-sensitive and emotional, Cancer is an empath, soaking in the emotions of those around them. Cancer is devoted,
  52. @LeahG and committed whole-heartedly, and when their heart breaks, it breaks into more pieces than others might. Cancer will be defensive and possessive of their loved ones at times, always coming from a good place regardless. Gemini, as an Air sign, is philosophical, free-spirited, open-minded, and curious towards other cultures or metaphysics.
    Gemini in Mercury, it's ruling planet means Gemini is a natural at communicating, and makes friends easily, which can also mean they're hard to tie down! Gemini is quick witted, a lively and healthy debater, and argument winner. Gemini can be two-faced, defensive, conceited, and devious. Your Venus, planet of love, in the fixed Earth sign Taurus, represented by the Bull, is also a natural placement. This means Taurus is sensual, has good aesthetics and tastes in music and food, and loves to
  53. @LeahG indulge! Taurus is slow and deliberate, and takes their time with projects, but gives a great finished product. In love, Taurus is very charming, considerate, loving, warm, nurturing, devoted, and incredibly stubborn. Taurus can also have a hard time with forgiveness and compromise. Taurus can also be lazy or indulgent at times. Your Mars,
    In the Fire sign Aries, the Ram, 1st of the zodiac, shows that you're very self-assured and self-assertive. You're probably a good leader, and know what you want and how you like it. Competitive, generous, fun-spirited, boisterous, cheerful, and courageous, Aries can also be very hotheaded, stubborn, proud, and quick-to-judge.
  54. I was born on 6th of March, 1989 in Ahmedabad, India at 2 pm.
    This is so cool!
    Suggested by @shainadesai
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  56. @roaringsoftly Rising: Cancer ♋️ Sun: Aries ♈️ Moon: Libra ♎️ Mercury: Taurus ♉️ Venus: Taurus ♉️ Mars: Gemini ♊️
    You have quite the mix of each element here, which can mean that you're either well rounded, don't find a huge connection with your chart, or both! Your rising is in the Water sign of Cancer, represented by the Crab. Cancer is very intuitive, very in touch with their emotions. Cancer is born being motherly and nurturing. Cancer is compassionate, considerate, and sweet, and really values their home and family and close relationships. Cancer can be overly-sensitive or overly-emotional, and can get
  57. @roaringsoftly crabby, moody, and defensive, especially of their loved ones. Cancer likes to be secure, and likes familiarity. Conversely, your Sun sign, in Fire Aries, the Ram, the 1st sign of the zodiac. That being said, Aries is self-assured, self-reliant, and a go-getter. As a Fire sign, Aries is very courageous, lively, cheerful, brash,
    Blunt, fast-moving, high-spirited, open-minded, and independent. Aries is a born leader. At times, Aries can be quick-to-judge, tactless, too honest, and can have a short temper. Your Moon, which deals with emotions, is in the cardinal Air sign Libra, represented by The Scales. Libra is very harmonious and peaceful, and likes to have everyone be equal and get along. Libra is a great diplomat and mediator, and can sometimes compromise their own feelings to avoid confrontation. Libra is attractive
  58. @roaringsoftly charming, has good tastes in aesthetics, fashion, music, and food, is philosophical and open-minded, and at times, can be lazy, over-indulgent, and indecisive. With emotions, Libra likes to keep things balanced and stable, and tends to have things under control. Your Mercury, planet of communication, and Venus, planet of love, are
    in the fixed Earth sign of Taurus, The Bull. Taurus is calm, slow, and deliberate, taking their time with projects to have them done right! Taurus, as an Earth sign, is practical, reliable, sensual, compassionate, grounded, down-to-Earth, and sometimes overly judgmental or critical. Taurus has a love for food, and can also have the tendency to become lazy and over-indulgent, much like Libra. In Mercury, Taurus is a perfectionist, again, taking their time with things. Taurus is very useful with
  59. @roaringsoftly dexterity and and skillful craftsmanship. Taurus is also incredibly stubborn, and will have a hard time changing their opinions. In Venus, Taurus is very warm, considerate, and loving towards partners. Be careful not to be overly-possessive once a commitment has been made. Taurus is also affectionate and enjoys luxury! Your Mars, the
    Planet of war, is in the mutable Air sign Gemini, represented by The Twins. As two people, Gemini has a lot of energy, and can oftentimes feel restless and ahead of the game. Gemini is a natural communicator, is curious, inquisitive, enigmatic, philosophical, open-minded, free-spirited, and charming to others, making them hard to tie down sometimes! Gemini is great at arguments, and loves to have healthy debates. Gemini can also come off as aggressive, duplicitous, and offensive at times.
  60. Born March 20, 1990 at 4:58pm EST at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, MD
    This is so cool! I had an identity crisis in 7th grade because I always thought I was a Pisces but then apparently because I was born late in the day I'm an Aries?? Please advise!
    Suggested by @RachelP
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  62. @hannahtempest Rising: Leo ♌️ Sun: Capricorn ♑️ Moon: Virgo ♍️ Mercury: Capricorn ♑️ Venus: Sagittarius ♐️ Mars: Virgo ♍️
    Interesting! You have such an interesting mix of Earth and Fire, and no Water whatsoever in your chart! So your Rising, Leo, the Fire Lion King. Leo is represented by being very regal, proud, charming, elegant, dominant, confident, free-spirited, fun-loving, idealistic, and can also have a tendency towards stubbornness, conceitedness, or defensiveness, especially if Leo feels their respect or loyalty have been compromised. If you disrespect or dishonor Leo, it's hard to come back from. Leo is
  63. @hannahtempest typically the center of attention, without even trying! Conversely, Capricorn, your Sun sign, the cardinal Earth sign represented by the Sea Goat, signifies hard work, ambition, dedication, stableness, and can also be too serious or conservative. As an Earth sign, Capricorn is very practical, reliable, sensual, down-to-Earth, and
    Can also be overly-critical, judgmental, and harsh. Capricorn is very mature and pragmatic, and can be slow, yet tenacious and thorough with their work and projects. Capricorn can also have a dark sense of humor. Mercury, the planet of communication, also in Capricorn, shows that you're a deep thinker, good planner, goal-oriented, good with money and business, and prefer tangible, useful interests, opposed to abstract ideas. Your Moon, which handles emotions, in Virgo, the mutable Earth sign
  64. @hannahtempest represented by The Virgin, is much like Capricorn, since they're both Earth signs. Virgo, however, is very analytical, consistent, good with organization and tedious tasks like filing and alphabetizing, good at cleaning, loves to make lists, can be very nurturing and altruistic, and can have a tendency towards being overly-critical
    Stubborn (also like Leo and Capricorn!), and insensitive. A Moon in Virgo sometimes signifies that you're very self-critical, and always strive to be better. You like your surroundings to be clean and typically have good health habits. Your Mars, planet of war, is also in Virgo. Mars in Virgo pays great attention to detail, is very observant, systematic, a good debater, dependable, responsible, practical, and a perfectionist. Your Venus, planet of love, in Fire Archer Sagittarius, is also
  65. @hannahtempest similar to Leo in a lot of ways, as they're both Fire signs. Sagittarius loves the unknown and to broaden their horizons. Curious, imaginative, free-spirited, diverse, into other cultures and metaphysics, and much for equality, Sagittarius hopes for high morality and respect in personal relationships, hoping all will play fair and
    Equal. You hate when people are petty and won't take the high road, and can feel tied down or suffocated at times if you feel like your partner is being possessive.