1. When people fold their pants into quarters instead of thirds
    You'll save so much space!
  2. When someone waits until the VERY LAST SECOND to merge.
    Oh yeah, because the 200ft of space I gave you 30 seconds ago didn't suffice, but now that we're causing a traffic jam, be my guest!
  3. When people act like you're diseased for not participating in major social media.
    "If I didn't see an FB post about it, it didn't happen."
  4. When someone says "liberry" instead of library.
    TWO R'S!!!
  5. "I could care less."
  6. When someone "hashtags" IRL. Just stop.
  7. People who didn't take any form of driver's training.
    Are the same people that almost hit me because they don't understand the concept of an unprotected left turn. Our tests are way too easy, the U.K. makes you change a tire and your oil!
  8. Plaque on my teeth.
    Especially when I can't brush them.
  9. "Eating healthy is too expensive."
    No, you're just making up another excuse.
  10. When I tell someone I'm reading ASOIAF (Game of Thrones) and they immediately tell me their favorite parts of the TV show before asking if I've ever seen it.
    SPOILER ALERT: I haven't.
  11. When my Sonicare dies mid-brush.
    Which I guess is mildly my fault for not charging it in time. How about when my husband uses my base instead of his own and kills the battery unbeknownst to me?
  12. When you're doing the best thing for both parties involved by telling someone to leave you alone, only for them to crowd you even more.
    It's probably the most single frustrating thing in the world: you know your boundaries and you're proud of yourself for recognizing when you need a TO so you don't flip the fuck out. Some people don't come equipped with the "need to be alone" gene, and I get that, but what YOU PEOPLE need to understand, is that for those of us that do have this trait, there's no better way to further piss us off than to not leave us alone or impede us from walking away when that's all we ask!
  13. When your housemates use toilet paper like it's going out of style.
  14. People who will clean a whole sink of dishes, but leave the sink filthy.
    Shaking my head.... it's like baking a beautiful cupcake and not frosting the top.
  15. Leaving the water run unnecessarily.
    We got a drought goin on here, people!
    Suggested by @BlueSeaGlass
  16. When your mechanical pencil writes completely differently when you push for more lead!
  17. When people are a little too GPS-happy and have to put it on, even in their hometowns.
    And you have to hear that bitch Siri's voice interrupt your favorite song!!! FOH
  18. When people say "is" when they really should be using "are".
    Example: "do you think their hamburgers is good?"
  19. When someone's solution to a full trash can is to pile more trash on the ground next to it instead of taking it out 👍🏽
  20. When someone stands REALLY CLOSE to you in line for something.
  21. "Old timers" disease
    IT HAS A REAL NAME! It's pronounced Alz-hei-mer-s and really shouldn't be that hard. Saying old timers make you sound like a total fucking legitimate idiot.
  22. When I have to listen to my favorite podcasters sponsor the same products as each other.
    If I have to hear about Me Undies or Lyft or MVMT Watches ONE MORE TIME!... (and I swear I'm only one listen away from getting a pair of Me Undies at this point)
  23. That Spotify thinks an "oldie" can be something that came out last year. What in the serious FUCK Spotify?? I consider an Oldie something that's like, at least 30 years old. I consider a Throwback something that's at least 10 years old (so Gnarles Barkley JUST makes the cut). This is some seriously awful shit.
  24. When people don't give me a thank-you wave when I let them in to traffic...
    Especially when it makes me later to do so.
    Suggested by @cordeliane
  25. Taking a cold bite of something you've just heated up.
    It truly sickens me to take a cold bite of intentionally hot food, especially if it's steaming or other bites prior we're hot. Bleck! 😝
  26. When someone stands so close to you on the subway that you feel their hot breath on you 😭
    Suggested by @aliciamcelhaney
  27. People who leave a huge gap in front of them when you're in line behind them, meaning that people nearing the line question whether *I* am actually in the line.
    Close it up, dammit.
    Suggested by @cordeliane
  28. When someone cuts in front of you then takes for-fucking-ever to make a right turn.
  29. When you get your period EVERY SINGLE TIME you put a brand new pair of underwear on.
    Great. Now my stupid light colored American Apparel underwear are completely ruined by first-day period blood.
  30. When someone puts the roll of toilet paper on upside down.
  31. When someone peppers the garbage can with recyclables (like cans) when there's literally a recycling bin 10cm away.
  32. "Omg sushi is my favorite! I don't eat raw fish though."
    Then it's not sushi, it's vegetables rolled in seaweed. Until you can mess with the big boys, stay off the playground.
  33. "Expresso" instead of espresso and "expessially" instead of especially.