I encourage everyone to share a tidbit or two about why they're proud to be from their hometown. Can be as serious or silly as you like!
  1. MY hometown of Santa Cruz, California boasts many beauties and accomplishments.
  2. Santa Cruz is: home to California's oldest roller coaster, one of the last standing all-wooden roller coasters, The Giant Dipper!
  3. Santa Cruz is: home to the great, wonderful, marvelous ADAM SCOTT! That's right, I used to bag his mom's groceries and discuss P&R with her on a regular basis. That's right, my friend ran into him at Safeway on Thanksgiving and said he was a really cool dude.
  4. Santa Cruz was: the first city in the country to become a sanctuary city.
  5. Santa Cruz was: the first city in the U.S. to completely denounce the Iraq War in 2003.
  6. Santa Cruz was: once considered "The Murder Capital of the World" after four bodies were discovered on one of our beaches in 1973, sparking the controversial killings and reports of Santa Cruz in the media, largely in part to our hometown serial killer, Edmund Kemper.
    If you like serial killer case studies, I recommend watching a program on this guy, he's actually quite fascinating and ends up turning himself in and spoke with the police frequently about his cases at one of our local bars, The Jury Room!
  7. Santa Cruz was: the second city in the world, first in the U.S., to have an above ground medical marijuana club (in 1995) and was one of the first cities in the country to approve Prop 215, allowing marijuana for medical usage.
  8. Santa Cruz is: mentioned in quite a few songs and movies, most notably The Beach Boy's song "Surfin' USA" written in and about Santa Cruz. Also, The Lost Boys shot the majority of its scenes in Santa Cruz.
    Other mentions include Sublime - Paddle Out (also written in SC), Fatboy Slim, The Thrills, Pearl Jam, Killer Klowns from Outer Space (filmed here), Chasing Mavericks (based on a Santa Cruzan, also filmed here). And, of course, Pulp Fiction!
  9. Santa Cruz is: most famous for our surfing, skating, beautiful landscapes, and drugs!
    The iconic "Screaming Hand" created by NHS Santa Cruz Skateboards.
  10. Santa Cruz is: home to so many incredible artists, activists, and progressives, and boasts a largely diverse LGBTQ community.
    It almost brings me to tears how open-minded and progressive most of the people are in my town. We host so many support groups for diversity and sexuality, it makes me really proud to be a Santa Cruzan.
  11. There are so, so many more, but now it's your turn! Why is your hometown the greatest?
  12. Nantes is also the hometown of Jules Verne!
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