Because, well, you can't knock it till you try it, and once you try it, you'll understand the glories of cleaning out your ass.
  1. It makes you feel 10 pounds lighter.
    Honestly, I never thought I would consider feeling 10 pounds lighter a good thing (for me at least) but it's feeling pounds lighter from expelling literal toxic shit.
  2. Turns out I don't have allergies!
    I thought I had developed allergies since my mucous production was out of control and I couldn't stop sniffling or hacking up loogies. Apparently apple cider vinegar and lemon help restore your colon's pH and remove the excess gunk and sludge coating your intestines.
  3. I have SO much more energy.
    I think this alone should be the #1 reason to give it a shot. I used to feel very sluggish and fatigued, like I couldn't pinpoint why I always felt so tired and bogged down. I felt this extra weight not only on my shoulders, but throughout my entire body. It was hard for me to get out of bed, hard to do strenuous activity. Now I feel like I can move around with so much more ease and clarity.
  4. My breath has improved- a lot!
    I haven't researched the root cause of this, but I remember reading a "symptoms before" list of ailments an enema can help with, and bad breath was one of them. I used to feel no matter how well I cleaned my teeth and mouth, I always had some stench left over. Not anymore.
  5. Some of my back pain has subsided.
    Of course it hasn't rid me of my pain entirely, but I definitely notice a difference, especially in my lower back region. I have much better mobility. I used to have to fold my upper body up and down all day to readjust and help with cramping and pains.
  6. My farts aren't as disgusting.
    Sometimes I would find myself in awe at how my farts smelled like they were coming from a contaminated waste plant or something. They don't smell like blueberries, but they aren't as vile.