So my husband and I just returned from our three-week vacation in Japan. We went last year for a month, but the second time was even more spectacular and incredible. Really, Japan's the best place I've ever been to. I never want to leave it.
  1. After being home after being home since yesterday (which yesterday didn't seem like yesterday, being 16 [but I guess now 15 because daylight savings happened while I was gone?]) here are some things I've missed.
  2. My own bed
    Pretty much everything the Japanese do, they do a lot better than us. And while I have no problem with sleeping on Tatami mats or with thin mattresses, I'm not game with just one pillow. My bed, with its box spring, thick mattress, tempurpedic mattress topper, heated mattress cover, flannel sheets, one down blanket, two throws, and TEN pillows (including one of those body armchair pillows) feels pretty heavenly.
  3. Rambo!
    The cat cafes (and the bunny cafe was pretty great too) can be really fun and awesome, but there's nothing like your own cat waiting for you as you walk in the door 😽
  4. My clean clothes
    I've been using and reusing the pretty much the same 4 outfits for three weeks. We moved around so often that we didn't get too many chances to do laundry. And while the novelty of having a washer-dryer combo that you only need to press one button for to suddenly have your clothes ready and dry two hours later is awesome, you really can't wash much at once.
  5. Coffee
    Don't get me wrong, Tokyo has some magnificent coffee shops. But, drinks fit into the very narrow "more expensive than California" category. Sometimes a small espresso drink would be upwards of $8! They're also not big on large-sized drinks there. We're used to massive sizes. Here, I can get my fancy 16oz iced latte for $4. Which will seem like a good deal for the next two weeks!
  6. Not having to constantly breathe in cigarette smoke
    As a never-smoker and headache-frequenter, this can get pretty daunting sometimes, especially Air isn't as clean as it was here though!
  7. Not living out of a suitcase
    It feels nice to have everything I own in one place. Feels good to not have to search my backpack for my hairbrush or toothbrush. Meaning those things will feel good once I decide to unpack 👍🏼
  8. Speaking fluent English
    Sometimes it's really nice to be in a place where you can't understand the language of the busy city around you. Sometimes it can make things difficult. It's been nice to communicate freely.
  9. Static