Alright everyone, time to preach kegels! I swear, doing them daily will give you a noticeable change. But I don't mean daily as in "oh I'll just hold in my stream as I pee a couple times" because while I've been there, it's surely not the level of practicing different sets on a daily or bi-daily basis.
  1. It'll make you "tighter".
    The more you strengthen your pelvic floor, the more tight those muscles become.
  2. It'll help you with urinary incontinence.
    Now and later in life. Easier to hold it in. Can't go wrong here.
  3. Orgasms will be stronger (and longer)!
    Need I say another word?
  4. For men: better erection control.
  5. For men: better ejaculatory control.
  6. Helps the pain of childbirth.
    Since your pelvic floor muscles will already be used to getting worked out, and since doing kegels will strengthen that whole region overall, it's surely a benefit during childbirth.
  7. Helps after childbirth.
    Doing kegels can help restore the elasticity in your vagina a lot faster than normally waiting it out.
  8. You can do them whenever, wherever.
    Unlike other exercises that may be embarrassing (or intruding!) to do in public, you can give it your 110% at kegels and no one around you would ever know. You can do them standing up or lying down, though I think the sitting position is the easiest.
  9. So why wait? Go work that pelvic floor!
    There are tons of sample kegel routines online, but I think the most helpful tool is an App. I will continuously recommend the Kegel Camp App. It's the easiest, most efficient, has TONS of levels, and reminds you at a time you set for yourself. I am in no way a sponsor for this app or Sex With Emily, but I give credit where credit is due, and this app has all you need!