I think I've watched too much TV in my time. Leave yours that didn't make the cut in the comments!
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    Life As We Know It (2004)
    Ironically, this show got cancelled because too many people were watching Survivor, my current and now all-time favorite show. It still stings, though. Made by Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah (worked on Freaks & Geeks), had an awesomely fresh cast (with motherfucking Kelly Osborne!), and GREAT music. They only aired 11 of the 13 episodes and I remember I went to buy the DVD's the DAY they came out and binged with my friends. Oh, 2004. How I miss you so. 💔
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    Popular (1999)
    Created by Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story, Glee) this campy teen dramedy is just perfect and hilarious. If you understand the tongue in cheek humor of Glee, you'll fall in love with this show. An excellent cast, hilarious jokes and references, and great feuds (the blondes vs. brunettes episode, anyone?)
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    Don't Trust the B—— in Apartment 23 (2012)
    First off, I feel like any fans of Dawson's Creek will love this show. James Van Der Beek plays himself and does an outstanding job, plus they make tons of references. Krysten Ritter is always the best ice queen, and this role fits her perfectly. SO to Eric Andre for playing the annoying sap always trying to date June!
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    Utopia (2015)
    I just... need to know what happens next! Another show cut halfway through. I'm not going to try to argue how well done this show was or anything... but it was interesting! It piqued MY interest. Plus, THIS IS UTOOOOPIAAA, let's make a brand new start!
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    Wonder Showzen (2005)
    This awfully horrific MTV2 show is so off-putting and incredible. The reactions these kids parents must have when they realize what their kids New acting jobs entail...
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    Undeclared (2001)
    Okay, so maybe people do know and love this show (especially after it was added to Netflix), but I don't think it gets as much love as its big sis, Freaks & Geeks. While I do think F&G is overall better (and just phenomenal in every sense) I think Undeclared deserves just as much recognition! Jason Segel singing Danger by Mystikal gets me every. single. time.
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    Radio Free Roscoe (2003)
    Ah, right when Degrassi: The Next Generation was at its peak, The N comes out with RFR. I LOVED RFR. I will always stand behind this show. Question Mark was always my favorite. And when they played N.E.R.D. - Maybe in one of the promos? 😍
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    Misfits (2009)
    I feel like this is gaining recognition, but this show is really great. Well... the first two seasons are great. It progressively goes downhill from there, because Nathan is the best character of the show, but it's still original and well done. Conky is one of the most hilarious storylines of the series.
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    Summerland (2004)
    This show was one of those guilty pleasures, so bad, so good. Jesse McCartney? Lori Laughlin? That Panabaker girl that has the same birthday as me? Oh yeah, and Zac Efron pre-HSM. Again, in the Golden Year of 2004!
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    Solitary (2010)
    Such a great reality competition show! Contestants are placed in pods for however long the game lasts until there's one person left standing, and they have to complete grueling and downright cruel challenges and tasks to stay in and win the cash prize. Best part: during every challenge, they have no idea how their competitors are doing, so they could drop out first and go home, or keep going for an unnecessary amount of time unaware they're safe!
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    Beautiful People (2005)
    I loved watching this show when it came out. Daphne Zuniga is always a queen, and Torrey DeVitto (before her horrifically well done part on One Tree Hill) plays a great antagonist that's really the protagonist underdog!
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    The Secret World of Alex Mack
    This show was great. When she'd turn into the goo blob and you'd be like "oh shit, don't let anyone find out!" Larisa Oleynik all young before Joseph Gordon Levitt crushes on her hard in 10 Things I Hate About You!
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    Braceface (2001)
    My life is complicated! Boyfriend? Don't wanna talk about it! What I always found so funny is that for a cartoon with braces that's supposed to be awkward and gawky, she's damn fine! Maybe it's because I'm skinny and blonde and told myself then when I got braces, I too would be as hot as Braceface. 😂
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    The Inbetweeners (2008)
    God this show is so good. It also probably shouldn't be on here due to its popularity and being on Netflix, but I can't just leave it out! If you haven't heard of it or seen it, and you like cringe humor, you won't stop laughing.
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    Party Down (2009)
    This is like Part Deux to my Veronica Mars obsession. Party Down is phenomenal. Every cast member is fantastic and plays their characters brilliantly. Shout out to Adam Scott, a Santa Cruz native!
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    My So-Called Life (1994)
    So I'm not sure this is really applicable for this list, but I have to include it anyways! I remember The N aired it in 2004 for its 10 year anniversary, and I was entranced. That was my freshman year of high school, so MSCL was like my gospel. It's another like Freaks & Geeks where each episode has a different feel and message and truly grips you. Plus, Jordan Catalano just rolls of the tongue so well :)
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    Harper's Island (2009)
    *I* really enjoyed this show, despite its low ratings. A great murder mystery with none other than my man Christopher Gorham from Popular! I think I generally give shows more of a chance if they include actors or writers I've previously had a liking to. Great ending!
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    Summer Heights High (2008) paired with Angry Boys (2011)
    Chris Lilley's shows seem to be getting more hype in recent years (especially with newer installations like J'amie Private School Girl and Jonah from Tonga) but I think he's so fucking fantastic in the mockumentary shows he produces.
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    Traffic Light (2011)
    So I know it's kind of derivative of Rules of Engagement, but I loved how lighthearted and simple this show was. It kept my attention and while I wish it continued, is one of those short-and-sweet-one-seasoners 💚💛❤️
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    Pepper Ann (1997)
    MUCH too cool for 7th grade. She's definitely like one in a million! I remember being so stoked when Pepper Ann would come on before school instead of something I'd seen a million times.
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    Broadchurch (2013)
    First off, the U.K. version, obviously. This series was so well done. I feel like it's in that middle-range hype level but deserves more credit.
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    What I Like About You (2002)
    Amanda, we miss when you were a strong, sensible teenager. I mean, c'mon! Jennie Garth and Leslie Grossman with my girl AB? PS: I COMPLETELY forgot Allison Munn (who plays Ms. Lauren in One Tree Hill) plays her BFF. Incredible.
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    Caitlin's Way (2000)
    That opening theme though. Not even the song, but her super serious face when the opening title comes on. Oh man, I really do miss my childhood shows.
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    Undressed (1999)
    Was this the first scripted MTV series? I remember being so entranced when it would come on, feeling like I wasn't old enough to watch it. Part of me wants to do a rewatch, another part wants to hold onto the nostalgic magic!
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    Taina (2001)
    I love Christina Vidal's voice and still catch myself singing the theme to this. Fun fact: she's also in Freaky Friday, and plays the lead singer of Pink Slip. Their cover of Take Me Away is 💯, and that's the first time I've used that emoji.
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    Quintuplets (2004)
    I had such the crush on Ryan Pinkston (previously in Spy Kids and Punk'd) but this show as a whole was pretty underrated! I was disappointed it only lasted a season, but I also predicted it's cancellation.
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    The Weekenders (2000)
    Another underrated, underplayed cartoon I would get excited about when it would rarely air.
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    United States of Tara (2009)
    Another wonderful cast and hilariously fucked up plot. Brie Larson is incredible, and Toni Collette's performance goes without saying. Rosemarie Dewitt and Patton Oswalt are great supporting characters, too!
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    Hidden Palms (2007)
    A quintessentially bad-good teen drama with Amber Heard and Tessa Thompson (Jackie on Veronica Mars). It's got drama and mystery and murderish stuff, just for your liking.
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    Veronica Mars (2004)
    I know, I know. Veronica Mars is a cult classic that got a ton of hype after it went off the air. But this show could never receive enough praise. It's the fuckin' best.
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    Honorable Mention (because it's a podcast, not a TV show): Undisclosed (2015)
    Okay, before I get too worked up and go on a four page rant, if you listened to Serial and still question Adnan's guilt, listen to Undisclosed. Sure, you can argue Rabia is personally connected to him and biased, but how to you argue the biases of literal hundreds of police audio recordings, documents, photos, trial proceedings, etc? Answer: you can't.