1. Nokia 5185i
    My first ever cell phone. Luckily my parents started me out young because I never found a fascination in them. The only cool thing about this brick was you could play Snake! My Nokia had a silver-and-white hibiscus flower case with blue buttons. So 2002.
  2. Samsung A680
    This phone will forever be my favorite. I had it for six years. It was durable, had a decent enough camera, was easy to use, small, what else could you need?
  3. Casio G'zOne Rock
    This phone was, well, a rock. Military-made durability. One night my friend and I were on my roof, and I said "bet you can't throw your phone off the roof!" And I threw mine off, and he proceeded to chuck his, watching it open to pieces as it hit the ground. "Thought so!"
  4. Samsung Intensity II
    This phone also lasted me a great while. This was my first and only keyboard phone before I switched to "smart". Still works. This phone was actually pretty great.
  5. iPhone 6
    Y'all already know about this one, so there you have it! Those are the five phones I've used over the last 14 years!