1. Bacon really isn't that good.
    I mean, it's alright... but it's nothing to freak out about like every single other meat-eater in the country!
  2. Season 20 of South Park is good, but not at the level everyone is hyping it up to be.
    Honestly, it's kind of a disappointment to not have actual Trump. Garrison is overused. How great would it be if it were actual Trump, and Caitlin Jenner as Pence?
  3. Eating boogers > wiping them somewhere.
    Honestly, it's just a little salty snot snack! Wiping it somewhere is much more disgusting, in my unpopular opinion.
  4. Snapchat is literally the worst.
    Look up their speed filter if you need a reason to boycott. It's followers are insufferable. Guess what? Nobody gives a shit about the shrimp fried rice you're about to eat or the stupid dog filter you put on your baby. Fuck outta here.
  5. Powered Parmesan cheese sucks dick.
    Why would you ruin your pizza like that?!
  6. NYC is... kind of a shithole.
    Okay, so I'll admit I had some recency bias. I had been to Tokyo 6 months prior to my first New York trip. But, it was kind of disgusting! Trash and rats everywhere, the streets smell so horrible I literally gagged a few times, it's expensive as it gets, too crowded, people aren't as rude as the hype, but nowhere near the level of the Japanese. Tokyo is just so much better on all levels, sorry.
  7. Autocorrect is ruining the English language.
    Before I had a smartphone (so, a year ago) I was so proud of my friends for using contractions and correctly using you're/your, there/their/they're, to/too, etc. Then I found out autocorrect is just helping their brains connect the dots. Sad, because now we don't even think for ourselves, we just let the phony phone take over. Nice work 👍🏼
  8. I cannot stand It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
    Maybe it's because I've heard hundreds of people say "OMG It's Always Sunny is sooooo up your road! You're fucked up like them, you would get it, it's so fucked up! Har har har!" Well, guess the fuck what? I don't find it funny or entertaining or fucked up. You wanna watch something fucked up, puss? Look up The Absurdity of Japanese Pornography Part II.
  9. Rihanna is a talentless famewhore.
    I've never even heard "Bitch Betta Have My Money" yet it's somehow number 1 on Spotify. The only good song of hers is a remix with Britney. That's because "na na na c'mon" was like, written for her voice.
  10. I'd prefer to use pads over tampons.
    I swear, less cramping and half as long.
  11. Drake is the worst rapper of our generation.
    I can't believe I'm even giving him credit by calling him that. His name is Aubrey Graham. He is Jimmy on Degrassi and will never be anything more in my eyes. He sucks. There are 100 rappers I could give you in lieu of this shithole. And how he's making fun of Kid Cudi for going to rehab for mental problems? In the words of N.W.A., A Bitch Iz A Bitch ;)
  12. Sandwiches are gross.
    I don't like American condiments, iceberg lettuce is the worst, not a fan of cold cheese, can't stand tomatoes unless they're pulverized, so, what's to like?
  13. Donald Trump really isn't THAT bad.
    It's the new cool thing, to play victim and cry to mommy. Well, guess what? We accept the love we think we deserve. We've made this bed, deal. I like to lie down with pillows and blankets, not shit stained sheets. Lemme know when you've made it to Stage 5, suckas ;)
  14. Burritos really aren't all that good.
    If you can't tell, I'm not a huge proponent for many foods wrapped into one. Burritos are better than most sandwiches, but the puddle of water/grease that drips from the bottom is absolute filth.
  15. On the same note, Mexican food ain't all that and a bag of chips.
    Maybe it's because I live in California, maybe because my town has over 45 taquerias. Maybe because Mexican food is greasy and really only a step above fast food? I'll take a shrimp taco or Carne en Su Jugo (which, is actually quite delicious). Otherwise, next!
  16. Contrary to my "picky" food tastes, I will legitimately eat anything from the sea.
    I feel like most people are the pickiest with seafood. Not I! You name it, whether it's cooked or raw, white fish or red fish, tobiko or ikura, tako or uni, it's all good with me :)
  17. Tattoos are for people who want to seem different and unique.
    Okay, so that's an overgeneralization. Some people have really awesome, intricate artwork on their bodies. Some people have incredibly meaningful tattoos. What I can't stand is when people say you're "boring" for not having any. A lot of tattoos are so unoriginal and really poorly done (r/badtattoos, anyone?) and it seems like people just get them to be cool.
  18. Channing Tatum and Ryan Reynolds are meatheads.
    I don't understand why they're considered so attractive.
  19. Kim Kardashian's ass is, off-putting.
    It's all about proportions, and that ass does not fit on a 5'2 body. J Lo has a nice ass, because it's big but it looks adequately proportioned for her body. Kim K's is something you would point out to your friends on the street like a circus freak.
  20. Kylie Jenner is a sad human.
    I'm sorry... but has everyone forgot about how she looked like a completely different human being a couple years ago? It's amazing that girls like this get so much positive attention for being "hot" when it's proven to be fake! I think it's sad you feel so awful about yourself that you can even wait to get lip fillers until you're an adult.
  21. Dave Chappelle isn't funny.
    At least, I never enjoyed the Chappelle's Show. So overrated.
  22. Breaking Bad is a horrible show.
    Okay... I can't even joke about that. Breaking Bad is incredible. It deserves every ounce of hype it gets. Vince Gilligan is my leftie homie G!