Just as a disclaimer, I love my name. And I get it, it's unusual, but daaaaamn.
  1. "Navy? Why, was your dad in the Navy or something?"
    No, my mom named both my sister and I after shades of blue.
  2. "How do you spell that? N-a-v-i? N-a-v-e-y?"
    No, please stop making it complicated. Just N-a-v-y.
  3. "Navy? Oh nice to meet you Navy, I'm (insert other military branch here)."
    HAHAHA ahhhh... haven't heard that one before
  4. "Your name is Navy? Why, did your parents hate you or something?"
    Okay, I've only heard this once from a customer while I was at work years ago. But it still makes me laugh thinking about it and how rude someone could be to a complete stranger
  5. *calls in take out order* "Okay and can I get your name?" "Yeah, it's Navy" "Maybe?" "No, Navy" "Amy?" "Navy" "Davey?" * sigh * "It's Rachel"