1. J C Penney's Worthing Section - I can always find something nice there for work; most often I find somethings!!! Other times too many things!!
  2. New York and Company - their work dresses....meow wee and some of my most treasured statement accessories for both work and play were picked up there.
  3. Steps New York - Most of my super sexy dresses were found at Steps NY. I'm not big on their jewelry though.
  4. Ross - don't hate.....I always find some sweet pieces at Ross for prices I won't speak of here but will say that they make me want to break out in full happy dance in the middle of the store.
  5. Agaci - tops, dresses, pants, skirts and more tops Agaci has some of the nicest pieces and not just for the ladies that have paper in place of rice for dinner.
  6. H&M - never in my life before H&M was I able to find a pair of jeans for USD9.99 that fit great but most importantly long enough to be wore with a pair of heels and I not look like I borrowed them for my dwarf friend.
  7. Express - now listen here no one has made a pair of slacks that beat my Editor slacks from Express...pricey but worth it.
  8. To name a few.....what are your favourite clothing stores?