1. People that grind my gears - they know they are doing it and need to stop!!
  2. People who drive like they don't want to get there - why did you leave home if you don't want to go?!
  3. People who constantly look at themselves while walking - what; you forgot what you were wearing?!
  4. People who say over and over I don't care - you know you care damn it!
  5. Women who don't like makeup and hate that I do - your scorns make me want to put on all of my eye shadow.....humph!
  6. Women who can't walk in high heels so they hate on you for wearing them - I'd teach you how but I'd have to charge!!!!
  7. People who pick up a cart full of items and put almost half of the items back when they get to the cashier - seriously?! Why?!
  8. Parents who know their child is Satan's spawn but would look you in the face and say my child is so sweet - maybe it is their therapy but it does nothing positive for me.
  9. The list can't hold my list.......