I know this is not necessary but it's fun af and I think a good introduction
  1. Becky Samuels
    She already independently has some insane lists prepared in her notes app. Doesn't even know about this app yet. She is 👌 on Instagram. Also she is my friend and I already have list requests for her
  2. Alexi Horowitz
    Also a list maker, used to carry around a printed hard copy of his daily list in his pocket(maybe still does?). A punny man, rising radio journalist, likes to Have Fun™ and I miss hanging w him cus he lives far away
  3. Claire Berkowitz
    She my best friend, also a little obsessive. Will make some very practical lists and then some that are so simply hilarious in a way you can't really understand. Already want her to make a list of her famous knock-knock jokes. She doesn't have Twitter or Instagram so we'd be taking a risk but I think it's worth the gamble
  4. Andrew Michaan
    I've watched him do standup more than 6 times probably and he is funny every time. We share an alma mater. He invites me to comedy shows all over LA, I wanna return the favor and invite him to this cool thing. If he's down with it we won't be sorry
  5. Anda Clark
    I already invited her when I didn't yet understand what "beta" meant so I think she should take up one slot on my invite list. (Sorry, not sorry?) I think she's proved herself a worthy contributor.
  6. Elaina Ransford
    Roommate and current partner in crime. This will be a very useful tool for us. She is prolific, intelligent, funny, and bold. She will rock this app
  7. Ben "Benzell" Goggin
    Homie just visited LA and I expect him to move here within the year. He will bring social action, political edge, raw honesty, biting sarcasm, and all around fun to this app
  8. Jorie Feldman
    I always knew how funny and weird she was but i was recently reminded by a spiral bound book she made as a birthday gift for a friend. bbgirl lives in NYC and I don't get to see her enough and don't have enough channels through which I might be exposed to the workings of her mind so pls welcome her
  9. Ollie Lewin
    Smart, funny man, also a great musician and incredibly skilled at starting interesting and weird discussions. Ollie is a pretty analytical person, I think. I sense that he would appreciate a good list for both its practical and comedic merit.
  10. Ted Ovrom
    Ted wears a visor when it rains, he is creative, smart, and not an asshole. I want to applaud Ted for taking a chance on LA and moving here after college. His Instagram is funny as hell and I wanna bring his lifestyle to listapp