1. None of my teeth broke!
  2. First human contact post-fall was a man asking me for a light. shook my head no but I was lying
  3. Then he pointed at my water bottle to indicate that it was rolling into the street. Actually pretty sweet of him
  4. Man pulled over in his car and offered me a bottle of water which I politely declined because as lighter man so aptly pointed out, I had my own
  5. Next person who passed by me was on a bike and quietly but provocatively asked if I wanted to race
  6. The blood stain on my dress looked nice
  7. Taking uber pool to the ER and making everyone really uncomfortable
  8. Text from @hate_my_selfie saying she's meeting me at the ER with butterfly clips and selfie stick
  9. Pushing the wheelchair of the man behind me in line at the ER because there was no one with him
  10. Sitting in room #35 and seeing @hate_my_selfie arrive in her overalls and lipstick and special guest pass sticker
  11. @hate_my_selfie making me laugh and telling her to stop because it was widening the 'gaping' laceration on my chin
  12. Doctor using the word 'gaping' to refer to my split chin
  13. Making fun of the nurse for saying 'or whatever' as he left the room
  14. Getting 4 little stitches that feel like my cute new friends