1. Not being the saint who painted the blunt into Viktor Viking's mouth in '07
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  2. Missing prom because I had an old ass boyfriend who was literally over the age limit
    He promised he would take me to CPK instead but did not follow through and in retrospect that is probably the main reason we did not last
    Suggested by @hate_my_selfie
  3. Junior year: Choosing orchestra over varsity volleyball and subsequently flushing my popularity down the drain
  4. Drinking alcohol
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    Suggested by @hate_my_selfie
  5. Smoking marijuana
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    Suggested by @hate_my_selfie
  6. Wearing a fedora at a flash mob
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    Suggested by @hate_my_selfie
  7. Dating Jonathan Weiss
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    Drove a "jambulance", just released his debut rap single "sensitive to my aura" and is apparently still the worst (see pic)
    Suggested by @mollygarber
  8. Trying and failing to be a basic bitch
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    not getting invited to join the collective halloween costume (astronauts) but improvising something way cuter and sneaking my way into the squad
  9. Showed up nude, look happy but was embarrassed
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    Suggested by @mollygarber
  10. Poor fashion sense
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    Suggested by @hate_my_selfie
  11. General alienation/not realizing I was in the background of the cheerleaders group photo
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    Suggested by @hate_my_selfie
  12. Did not get enough attention for myself
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    Suggested by @mollygarber
  13. Student body president, I did not win
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    Also where's Waldo? @hate_my_selfie
    Suggested by @mollygarber
  14. I did not make it into this picture
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    But Steve Carell on the left did and I also did not get a hat
    Suggested by @mollygarber
  15. Did not bone a bro
    Would probably not have liked it but what's a bucket list without sadness?????
    Suggested by @mollygarber
  16. don't regret having a fucking ball on the orch trip tho
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    Suggested by @hate_my_selfie