1. Talking on the phone for more than 3 minutes
  2. Listening to music out loud
  3. Kicking the back of my chair repeatedly
    This includes children
  4. Eating smelly food
    That Taco Bell looks real good but if you didn't bring enough for the whole cart, please eat at another time
  5. Being drunk and loud
    Unless I'm drunk too than you're fine
  6. Being drunk and arguing with your significant other
    This is never okay
  7. A man watching a girl struggle to lift her luggage above her head and doing nothing about it
    I've surveyed my guy friends on why this happens. Majority said they don't offer to help because it comes off as "creepy". Are you fucking kidding me?
  8. Making out
    No one wants to see you suck face for 3 hours. No. One.