The most memorable quotes said the 4th of July weekend I spent with @rachelleigh and @klrosenb. Better late than never 🇺🇸
  1. No offense guys but this is the fourth of fucking july
    Took an hour to drive ten miles because of an accident but it's the fourth of fucking July and have some respect people aka keep the accidents to a min nomsayn
  2. Can you blow dry my ass
    No description necessary
  3. I'm Katie's badass friend
    Are you though?
  4. I bet that bitch stole it
    Whenever my friend misplaces something a random chick 100% stole it no matter what
  5. I recognize this is annoying but I'm so excited about every single thing we do all weekend
    Who on earth would be annoyed by this enthuasiam
  6. "Is that my gal pal?"
    While face timing, Katie's mom spotted Rachel and had to make sure what was she seeing was in fact her gal pal
  7. 52 stars
    Can't even get into this but someone at the bar thought there were 52 stars on the flag. Proud to be an American.
  8. We're the gassiest people alive
    To be fair everyone is gassy but hides it probably better than us. But think about our friendship and how comfortable we are. Everyone wants this
  9. Weekend got blurry after this. Overall, we crushed it.