No particular order.
  1. The Office
    I was such a huge fan of our original version, to the point where I dreaded even the idea of a remake. Now I'm in love with every tiny thing. That's what she said. Wait, what? Favourite:
  2. Parks & Recreation
    Started as The Office's sister show, Poehler, Ansari, Pratt & co took us on such a journey.
  3. Community
    Six seasons and a movie. That's the dream. Took me so long to even give this show a chance, but I've just finished binge watching it for a third time. I love the references, in jokes and nearly 4th wall breaking sitcom tropes that it both undermines and uses to perfection. My personal favourite: the law and order episode.
  4. Scrubs
    I absolutely loved this show that was said to be one of the most accurate portrayals of life as a junior doctor in the U.S. Could take you from laughter to tears with a single line.
  5. Friends
    Yeah, it's not really to still like friends but screw you guys. Having just watched it from front to back for the umpteenth time - yeah the humour is a little tacky, the audience laughter is a little distracting and the plot lines are a tad contrived - but I am always so invested in the characters every.single.time.
  6. Arrested Development
    Surely the tightest written sitcom ever written? Adumbrated references and jokes paid off seasons later, just unravelling the through lines would challenge any seasoned crime drama fan.