Thanks for my first list suggestion @dave. Instead of phrases, the below serves more as a cultural translator. Dave, come visit me again soon please!
  1. NY: What do you do for a living?
    PDX: What do you do in your free time?
  2. NY cab drivers: Say nothing. Smell everything.
    PDX cab drivers: Asking you everything from "where are you from? Where do you work?" to "what are your life dreams?" and "tell me your biggest regrets." DEEP CONNECTIONS.
  3. NY coffee: Starbucks
    PDX coffee: Stumptown
  4. NY peeps: Career-minded
    PDX peeps: Retired by 30
  5. NY traffic: Go go go! Whether the light is in your favor or not.
    PDX traffic: Standstill traffic at 4 way stop with a lot of "No, please YOU go" hand gestures
  6. NY specialties: Pizza, Bagels, Pastrami Sandwiches
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    Portland specialities: Microbreweries, Vegan donuts, Rice Bowls
  7. NY pets: Mini dogs!
    PDX pets: Goats, Chicken, Pigs @dorothy can vouch