I've written lists since I was a kid. I am a little superstitious and often hang on to a good list in case it comes in handy some time in the future. Therefore I have a truckload of lists. And then some.
  1. Back of hand, palm, wrist, thigh at a pinch. Before sharpies this was often futile. Not good for long term storage. No good in summer or if you practice hand hygiene.
  2. Cocktail napkin. But who ever understands that level of genius the next morning? Still, better keep it in case I remember what it meant.
  3. Brand new journal. All that promise on those fresh clean pages. I have a tragically large collection of journals with just the first few pages used.
  4. Back of a used envelope. Perfect for grocery lists. I usually have a few floating round in my handbag and it doesn't seem to matter if I use last week's list most times.
  5. Dot points scribbled on a bill or some other important document I shouldn't have just written all over.
  6. Some tiny scrap of torn off paper where I have to write so small that later I am clueless as to my original thoughts.
  7. In the margins of textbooks or the inside covers of the latest novel I am reading.
  8. Notes function on my phone or tablet. Which I then email to myself. And then forget to read and action. Or where autocorrect has rendered my list useless, yet hilarious or wildly offensive.