As an Australian kid growing up with American comics, books and TV, there were some things I found totally mystifying. As an adult, knowing what they are, they still seem kind of baffling...
  1. Kool Aid
    And what is it with the grape flavour? So wrong.
  2. Cheese whiz
    Cheese in a can. Cheese in a jar. Cheese you can spray. Really? 😱
  3. Tootsie Roll
    Tootsies are toes. You made a roll out of toes? Ah, tastes like plasticky toes. I get it now.
  4. Twinkies
    They sounded so amazingly good... 😣 I am sure that if you eat enough of these the preservatives will ensure you never decay after your eventual demise. It's a predestined embalmer.
  5. Chicken Fried Steak
    Is it chicken? Is it steak? Verdict still unclear.
  6. Pop Tarts
    Huh? That's not a tart. In fact it may be its very own food group.
  7. Root Beer
    Kids are drinking this stuff? It's beer, made from roots? Does it taste like dirt? Yeah. Kind of. Maybe use it to wash down that Tootsie Roll.