It's taken a while to get to this place, but I'm glad I did. Wish I could travel back through time and tell that to my younger self!
  1. I'm psychic.
    I struggled with a) being this and b) being okay with other people knowing this for far too long. After wishing to be 'normal' I now know that psychic, intuitive and empathic are just a different kind of normal.
  2. I have great hair.
    It's long and curly and I never need to do much with it. When the sun shines on it I see my Viking and Celtic heritage amidst the strands.
  3. I'm a good cook.
    Not an Iron Chef (God I love that show!) but my grandmothers taught me good old-fashioned home style cooking and cooking is one of my favourite things to do.
  4. Writing is my drug.
    Writing is the buzz in my life. My head and heart are happiest when I am planning stories and getting words on the page.
  5. I meditate daily and send love and healing to the world.
    My 4am meditations are my calm place. My place for sitting at the feet of God. My small way of doing something, especially on the days where the suffering of the world, or in my own life, seems overwhelming.
  6. I am kind.
    Thirty years of health struggles from Lyme disease has made me compassionate, mindful and thoughtful. One upside of something suckful.
  7. I am strong.
    I haven't croaked it, even when doctors predicted I would (on more than one occasion). I am a fighter and my stubbornness and mental tenacity has helped me succeed or at least stay in the game and to craft a beautiful and meaningful life, even with limitations. I never knew I could be so ballsy and tenacious in overcoming or at least continuing to stand in the face of adversity. Fuck you, Lyme, but also thank you.