My Favorite Pieces of Art in My House

  1. Maps of the Northern and Southern Skies. They have matching frames and I love them. They were the first pieces of art I ever bought and had seriously framed.
  2. My Desmond print. It's from my favorite scene of my favorite show, Lost, and it represents me and my pwrsonality very well
  3. My other Lost print, an Olly Moss. A prizes possession for sure.
  4. A painting I bought in Central Park. I love the colors. I need to get it stretched and hung properly.
  5. My copy of Letters of Note - the British version, not the US version, because it's better and prettier. It's a perfect coffee table book.
  6. Super Cars on the Circle. Indianapolis sports in a photo.
  7. One of my soccer scarves. I have a lot of them and I love all of them. My favorites are hung on my banister. This one was a gift, one I really appreciated a lot more than I let show for some reason. It has a special display spot on a low hanging ledge, over Desmond.