1. i work at a foodstore in my town
    for only a month so far
  2. i was working an 8 hour shift yesterday
    2:00 until 10:00 which is when we close !
  3. i still had a bunch of homework to do and i was tired so needless to say, i was pretty cranky by 9:00
  4. the store was pretty empty and it was about 9:40 when all of a sudden
  5. queen latifah walks in.
  6. NO LIE
  7. me and the two other people working frEAKED OUT but also kept it cool bc we didn't want her to feel uncomfortable
  8. my register was the only one open
  9. so she came to me :')
  10. (no I'm not going to tell you what she bought)
    kids at school were asking me this ALL DAY today but i ain't no snitch
  11. i asked her how she was doing tonight and we had regular small talk
    it didn't feel appropriate to tell her I recognized her or comment on her being famous bc I respect that celebs probably don't want people gushing over them all the time (especially a teen girl in a foodstore on a sunday night)
  12. it is probably the wildest thing that's happened to me to date
  13. i'm very proud
  14. whatta gal queen latifah
    she seems genuinely cool and has gorgeous skin in person wowwweee