lookin back at 2015
  1. JANUARY: got bangs :-)
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    never felt more like myself
  2. FEBRUARY: caught laughing in a car
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    not much happened in February so this is all I got !
  3. MARCH: fifth harmony concert bitchez !!!!
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    this was a blast, me and my friend had seats waaaayy in the back of this small venue but got moved up. snuck in a teeny bit of alcohol via fake tampons
  4. APRIL: met for my birthday !
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    got to see 2/3 of my siblings
  5. MAY: roaming phily with my dad
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    pretty regular, he bought me the dress I'm wearing
  6. JUNE: wild sleepover day before the last day of school
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    somehow ended up swimming
  7. JULY: taken on the way to a Kooks concert
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    they are SO great live. awesome time with awesome people
  8. AUGUST: went to my friend's lake house for a few days
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    hadn't seen her in a month or so, it was very relaxing and fun
  9. SEPTEMBER: AP chem test the first day of school
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    someone took this of me because they said I "looked like a mess" :-)
  10. OCTOBER: fun with makeup
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    I love my friends
  11. NOVEMBER: junior ring ceremony!
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  12. DECEMBER: fun day in the city with some of my friends
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    ending the year well