Things I wanted to say. Some I actually did, some I held back. It's time for me to move on now ✨
  1. Day 1
    Happy birthday. Today you told me I have a heart of pure gold. If it's pure gold why does it feel black like I've been left in the cold. You say this won't be forever, you just need some time, am I naive for believing that? I'll give you space, I promise, just please remind me one more time that you won't forget about me. I'm sorry I shouldn't have texted you.
  2. Day 2
    You had a moment of weakness and were mine for 12 hours more. I made a list of rules to live by so I don't hurt you.
  3. Day 6
    I made a list of things I miss, and almost sent them to you. But- That would break rule #1. It's eating me up inside.
  4. Day 7
    My dad is driving on the streets that only you have driven me on. I feel like I'm going to throw up.
  5. Day 13
    I'm getting better, but I still think about you always. You've been in my dreams a lot lately - I can't sleep in peace.
  6. Day 15
    Do you remember the night I cried in your car because I was overwhelmed with your wonderfulness? I can see it all over again and hear you singing to me. You can imagine how I cry now that I'm missing that wonderfulness.
  7. Day 20
    Blood boiling. You did the one thing you always said you'd never do and now I'm the fool. When I confronted you, you denied because you could never be the bad guy. But you have become such a bad guy. You can't keep me on a leash while you seek new conquests, yet you're incapable of fully letting me go. Do I have to beg for you to admit what I already know? There's nothing left but for me to untie the lease and let myself go.
  8. Day 21
    You texted me explaining that you fell asleep. You still didn't answer my question, so I didn't answer you. If that's immature, I don't care, the seasons are changing. You're not the same, but nor am I. I never imagined it would feel so good to say goodbye to you, whom I love more than most, but I'm ready to leave this shit behind. Goodbye.
  9. Everyday Since
    I've gotten so much stronger and have learned to appreciate what I went through. It forced me to become a better version of myself and I know my worth now more than ever. So thank you.