Not calling them resolutions because I fear the immediate urgency to get them done and then just ending up stopping before I'm done
  1. Get into embroidery
    seems fulfilling and like an enjoyable form of expression - not as much pressure as some other forms
  2. Read more
    Whether it's The Bell Jar, my statistics textbook, or Harry Potter (again)
  3. Take care of myself
    Pretty vague goal as of now, but I'm working on a list for this !!
  4. Be a better friend
    I've recently learned who really matters to me and now I want to show them how much I love and care about them by being a true homie each and every day
  5. Paint/Draw
    I'm very much not good at painting - but I think it's relaxing and fun so I should make more time !
  6. Be a kinder daughter
    Whenever I get stressed or feel a lot of pressure I end up taking it out on my parents (who don't put much pressure on me). Gotta work on this
  7. Get rid of FOMO
    GAH it's the worse. Seeing pictures of people you consider friends hanging out without you and hearing funny stories. I'm over pitying myself every time this happens, and am going to work on letting go of that resentment and negative energy
  8. Make more lists !!!!!
    AND not be afraid to share them