my cousin is 18 & living with my family. His mom gave him very little direction when it came to life cues.
  1. Apologies don't have a "but" attached to them.
  2. When you say you are sorry keep your humility on the front line & your reasoning in the garbage.
    No one cares what you felt during your social faux pas. The point is you forgot about everyone around you & now is the time to repent and move forward.
  3. Sincerity is everything.
    It is what it is and you must be ok with the result not being in your favor.
  4. An apology expects nothing.
    Nothing except the knowing that you made the effort to repair the damage.
  5. If you are lucky, you both will move forward.
    You gotta be ok with it just being you, though.
  6. Practice makes perfect.
    So fuck up a little. Just not on purpose.