1. Postponing laundry until the last pair of underwear.
  2. Paying bills the day of or 11:59pst
  3. Acting like putting extra greens in a chicken burrito is the same as a eating a salad.
  4. Pretending a beer counts as part of my daily water intake.
  5. Returning materials late to the library.
    I work there, it makes no sense why I should have late fees.
  6. Leaving my keys in my other pants.
  7. Feeding my dog too many times.
    I'll forget and then instead of taking the food away I just say,"eh. He could use a love handle anyways." He's a behemoth looking thing.
  8. Assembling my purse as if I am getting cast for a reality version of Walking Dead.
    Why are there water purifying tablets inside this Icebreakers box?