I saw an interview w/the ladies of Absolutely Fabulous. They were asked to say something they thought was interesting about American television.
  1. They said we have a lot of advertisements about bowel movements.
    Every commercial break they said there was a pill or a snack to help you go properly.
  2. So I got to thinking.
    I flipped through channels until the commercial breaks hit. Yep, boom! dulcolax.
  3. Then I thought some more.
    All of my conspiracy theory friends say your phones are always listening.
  4. I know too many people who use their phones in the bathroom.
    Are your wheels turning too?
  5. Ergo
    We should all stop using our phones while on the toilet.
  6. We should all start exposing our phones to things where we want to see more positive things happen.
    Like local parks and free samples.