I had a library workshop in Chicago and I was only going to be there for less than 24 hours. This is what happened.
  1. First, before even getting on the plane I was on an adventure.
    Flight was 1145am I thought it was 555pm. I realized in the nick of time.
  2. And away we go
  3. To give you some perspective. I was the only non librarian at the workshop.
    My librarian travel mates.
  4. We stayed at the Palmer House.
    The hotel in itself was an adventure. More on that later.
  5. We got our own rooms and mine had access to a secret floor.
    My room was very choice and at least 3 times the size of where I normally sleep. And TWO bathrooms. Why do I need two bathrooms? The secret floor had snacks and a bar... whaaaaaaaaaaat?!
  6. My co workers wanted to hang out in their primo quarters for our big workshop.
    I needed to explore. So I did at like 10/11 at night.
  7. And some more
  8. And a little more.
    I was going to walk to Buckingham fountain but, the further I got in the darker it got and the more people I found having sexuals in the bushes. I walked back after 11 ish
  9. The next morning I got ready really early to try and catch a glimpse of Buckingham before the workshop.
    We were going to Have to take the subway (blue line) immediately.
  10. And then the flood hit.
  11. I missed Buckingham but, made it to the workshop alert and ready.
  12. Design thinking.
    It pretty much means to understand the patron as a person and not a statistic.
  13. All in all a good trip.
    The Giants won and I saw the whole thing in the air. I did miss the bay though. I love you salad bowl bay area.