some guys are pushy. not a turn on. some guys think their penis is God's gift. also not a turn on. here's a list about one of these people. we'll call him,"dick boy."
  1. I swiped right on this guy.
    I thought, there's no way. This fool is way too good looking.
  2. Holy ess we matched!
    His opening line,"sup."
  3. Dude we're 30 and 30+.
    His next line,"hey, sup."
  4. Sup, guy.
    Guy,"Oh, you're free? Send me a pic."
  5. It was all texting. I tried calling once & he said he was busy.
    Oh ok, I see how it is. I got your number mutha f***a.
  6. This guy,"quit playin girl send me a pic."
    My response, I sent him a gym pic. No make up.
  7. He bought it!
    His response,"I'd send you a pic of me in my sweats but, it's showin some thangs."
  8. Hence the nickname.
    Dick Boy.
  9. "Just your face is cool."
    Ew, I don't know you like that. You've had my number for what. 2 days?
  10. He sends it anyways.
    "You like?" He asks.
  11. Me,"It's cool. So what kind of music do you listen to?"
    "I've been told it's pretty big. How short are you?"
  12. It was late so I went to sleep.
    This is an abridged version of the encounter. Basically though, the last bullet point pretty much sums up that 2 hour conversation. I'll give you another example.
  13. Ex: me,"Can you call? I'm sick of texting."
    Fool,"let me send you a pic of this right here. I know you'd rather have that."
  14. I eventually caved and said yeah, let's hang out.
    He never hit me up on the day of or returned any calls.
  15. Hits me up Sunday.
  16. He said his grand mother died.
    I gotta not be an asshole now, right? Unless he's lying.
  17. We reschedule for Tuesday night, no specified time because who cares?
    That's today if you're checking.
  18. He sent me a series of dick pics to hold me over.
    Never asked for them. He was just very confident.
  19. It's Tuesday, no word.
    Game is on anyways.
  20. Hits me up late.
  21. Guy:"We still on for tonight"
    30 seconds later...
  22. "No, cool late."
    What just happened?
  23. Whatever, I got your dick on my phone now.