The library I work at never has parking.
  1. I used to eat my lunch on the driver's side.
    People would stop and ask,"if I was leaving."
  2. Mind you, I am parked in the furthest spot away from the library.
    With my car off.
  3. I would motion,"no sorry." And hold up my sandwich.
    I can not continue functioning until this queso fresco, spinach, and chicken sandwich is demolished.
  4. They would wave, "oh it's ok."
    And sit there. As if it was ok to stare someone down while they're eating.
  5. I added those windshield shade things.
    Tried it out again. Eating my lunch in my car.
  6. Now the patrons started to get brave.
    Parking their car in front of my car and walking out to ask if I was leaving.
  7. "No, sorry. Just eating my cashew salad."
    The spot I am parked at is also an Employee Permit spot.
  8. It was time for a change.
    The ol' fake out.
  9. Surely by sitting in the passengers seat they would let me chew in peace.
  10. *honk hoooooooonk*
    "Excuse me, are you guys leaving?"
  11. "I'm the only one in here."
  12. "Well, are you leaving or not?!"
    "No. And this is permit spot anyways."
  13. "Only for another two hours bitch."
    The police station is right next door.
  14. "Some you're not leaving then?"
  15. "That's all you had to say!"
    Guess who waltzes in with $60+ dollars in fines?
  16. Guess who's at the front desk when she arrives?
  17. Oh, redemption... how I do love you so.