Fun S***

I checked my profile and there's a lot of stuff about my ex. It's about time I stop giving that situation any more undivided attention.
  1. Last weekend I did a lot of fun s***
    I ran a 10k for my favorite hockey team.
  2. Got Hella free stuff
    After the race
  3. My friend scored free tickets to the Kongos. (That's my friend Kirsten. She's a journalist)
    Turns out they were VIP...whaaaa?!?!?!
  4. They signed my bookmark.
  5. We heard them play the Beatles. Acoustic. The guitarist was inches away.
    There weren't any phones or cameras aloud. I appreciate that so much!
  6. Then we rushed the stage for Joy Formidable .
    Which if you ever get the chance. You must see them and say,"Where's Dan?!" (That is Blood. That is also a Shirley Temple, it was her birthday so I made myself the DD)
  7. Front row for Kongos!
    I can't take pictures.
  8. After the show we took a final pic. The guys were super nice.
    Fun fact: their stage manager is related to the late, great, and completely mad Howard Hughes.
  9. Here are the other two dudes.
  10. Oh and more swag.
    I gave my bro the backpack and a poster they signed. I kept the socks and gave my cousin the sweat bands.
  11. But! Before all of that.
    My crew and I handled some business like bosses.
  12. Great F***** weekend!