My mom has been washing my dad's pants since they first moved in together. When she is having a good day this is the first "normal" thing she will gravitate toward. Here is today's adventure.
  1. Mom: oooooooooh I just saved your ASS!!!
    My mom howls as she crypt keeper style, walks up the stairs.
  2. Dad:what?! Are you on your meds? What time is it?
  3. Mom: Mr."I Never forget ANYTHING." Mr."I always hang my keys." Where they at now, huh? WHERE .are. they. at. now?
    She triumphantly jingles the keys over his face.
  4. Dad: On the rack in a safe place! Where they are SUPPOSED TO BE but, not anymore. put them back.
    As he swats the keys from his face.
  5. Mom: NO! you owe me an hour of QVC! I just saved your ASS!
  6. Dad: you're on drugs.
  7. Mom:your keys were in your pants.
    She throws the keys to where he's sitting.
  8. Dad: were not.
    He chuck's them back to her side of the bed.
  9. Mom: yes, they were and I washed em! You know I don't check pockets. You're an adult!
    Her grin is starting to show a jack Nicholson effect.
  10. Dad: so you're saying you almost broke my keys.
  11. Mom: NO YOU almost broke YOUR keys.
  12. Dad: No, I win. No QVC for you.
  13. Mom: it's ok. I have some packages coming in next week anyways.