Oh man guys!

so tinder has been a new hobbie.
  1. Today it's raining.
  2. I have a date, tea actually.
    With a body builder.
  3. He took off a couple months from managing a gym.
    He had to condition himself.
  4. We met.
    As we searched for a tea place I noticed he couldn't put his arms down.
  5. There's a tea place at the end of the outlet.
    No more than 2 grams of sugar was his limit.
  6. Thank goodnes the place was organic.
    A whole page just for green tea.
  7. I don't know how to describe the way conversation went.
    He focused a lot on HIS diet, HIS exercise plan, HIS upbringing.
  8. He asked me three questions.
    Begrudgingly after awkward silences.
  9. What are you reading?
    He looked uninterested.
  10. How many siblings do you have?
    I told him and he went on a 20 min rant about being the youngest.
  11. What is ny diet like?
    The only time he paid any attention. He was not thrilled.
  12. Luckily he had yoga in a half hour.
    Glad i didnt pay for that tea.
  13. I've come to a conclusion.
    I'm not that into body builders.