Been doing some online dating. This is the result of my latest tinder experience.
  1. When I saw Newb's profile, he had 4 pics.
    2 of his face- one professional and one casual. 2 scenery black and whites.
  2. I swiped right.
    There was no real description or bio passage. I was being real shallow with this one.
  3. We chatted over the app.
    Which I hate doing because I actually have a data plan and it feels stupid to waste it on strangers.
  4. After a few days of back & forth we exchanged digits.
    Let the word flirting begin!
  5. A couple days in I test to see if they are a horndog or a bot.
    I asked him to send me a pic of his new haircut. Someone got bashful all a sudden.
  6. He sent it.
  7. I like to test people's comfort zones.
    I don't have very many so... how open are you willing to be?
  8. He asks when we can meet.
    I say,"why not Monday?!"
  9. He nervously agrees.
    Then the fun really begins.
  10. We meet.
    Buuuuuuuuuut, the Giants are playing game 3 against the Cubs.
  11. Guys must like it when you don't pay attention to them.
    My eyes were barely focused on his face the whole time.
  12. He was really sweet.
    We made out.
  13. He even walked me to my car even though it was in the garage.
    What a gentleman.
  14. The only flaw.
    When i let him know the game was on today. His response was,"what game?" Me:"what game?!"(I thought)