You ever go to a BBQ where someone brings hummus and half the party all of a sudden attacks the snack table? Yeah, I'm the chick getting a refill on her drink while y'all are going primal on some chickpea paste. Here are some other things along those lines.
  1. Hummus
    It's like someone took the smell of a sweaty guy with glandular problems armpit and turned it into a flavor. Then took that extract and inserted it into a dip.
  2. Sushi
    Fish in little shapes packed with rice. No, the salmon to me doesn't taste different from the tiger roll. It still tastes like it came out of the water.
  3. That Panda song by that designer guy
    Someone told me this was going to change hip hop. I think I just need a new friend.
  4. Game of Thrones
    I watch enough television. I've been trying to cut back. This is one of those shows where if you watch it the day after you have to avoid all social interaction. I also, watch enough of those. It's premium cable too. Another bill, uh nah, I'm good.
  5. Sephora or MAC obsession
    I'm going to let you in on a secret... I use my spf15 lip tinter as both a lip and cheek color, when I remember.
  6. Anime
    I get it, I get it, ok?! Most new animated series use nods and Easter eggs of anime. Its threaded in the mechanics or story line but, I don't care, alright?! I remember when my dad showed me the layering of beauty and beast. The squash and stretch from little blue coupe was just the right amount of emotional whimsy. You can't get that from a shakey camera on a well drawn picture without a soundtrack. Sorry, not sorry.
  7. Chuck's, the shoe.
    Flat footed so, I never looked right at warped tour.
  8. Falafel
    This is a big deal where I'm from. I'm not feeling it, though.
  9. Pit bull the artist
    This guy has a great story, I just can't back him. I saw his nightline interview and what he did with his first large check he got for making music. He bought his mom a car, freaking sweet. The problem is they always play this fool wherever I go. Being Mexican, a good portion of family gathering play lists consist of Spanish music. Do you know how many of those songs are pit bull? All, or most. I could be exaggerating but, it really feels like all.
  10. Ecstacy or E or Molly
    I used to hang out with this group of ladies. In my early 20's. When all the kids are experimenting and mixin their coke with pop rocks or was it coke rocks and uppers? Those were my friends and I did the bare minimum. Not coke, not ecstacy , not meth, not molly, not shrooms, the bare minimum. So I was the designated driver & they were trying not to eat the wrappers of their burgers while hitting on the fry guy. It traumatized me a little. To say the least.
  11. Fake lashes
    That's a lot of work. You are a champ, woman in the bodycon at da club with perfect contour. How long did that take? Sometimes my sunscreen gets runny at work. You are a magician, and I bow to thee.