... and some things I HOPE happen within the next 6 months.
  1. Making school full time.
    I get it I'm not going to sleep for the next 3 years, I just need to suck it up already.
  2. Changing the status of my ex.
    I hate this limbo crap. "I'm too OLD for this ****," a wise man once said.
  3. Refining my spanish.
  4. Hilary for president.
    I am a Bernie supporter but, I just can't have Trump as president. It would be so much MORE work to get that guy kicked off once elected than just working and continuing to support the same changes Bernie was highlighting in his campaign.
  5. Getting my PR lower.
  6. Promoted
    Disregard my food poisoning today. I am usually always about the stacks and Dewey decimal spine labels. Library systems are a weird industry.
  7. Organize
    I mostly need to space bag my clothes.
  8. 8 hours of sleep.
    Just once would be cool.
  9. Confidently wear a two piece.
  10. Go to Disneyland.
  11. Go to Vegas.