been tindering quite a bit lately. Some of the gems.
  1. Dick boy.
    He gets this name because every time we had a conversation it led to his pants. Whether it be about the weather,"yeah, gettin' kinda chilly. Tell me how you're going to warm this dick over here." We never met in person. Probably due to the fact that I didn't care to see his dick.
  2. Projector
    First date was chill, we made out. The 2nd date he wanted to show me his old reels and projector. As I sifted through his collection he was sitting on the couch with my back facing him. He hithered," so what did you end up picking?" I turned around and this dude had himself sprawled out on the couch with his pants open. No 3rd date.
  3. Asia
    He didn't watch television and was a bit of a snob about people that did. Though, he did know a lot about pro wrestling. His name comes from the travels of teaching English abroad.
  4. LoCal
    TBD we go out next week. He seems harmless. We grew up around the same area. Haven't had that in a while.
  5. Purist
    I am Mexican. Proud of my culture and everything that has preserved and flourished my heritage. Having said that, this bitch spoke under his breath half the time in spanish on me not being Mexican enough. Our first and final date. What an ass.
  6. Newb
    The guy has been out of the dating scene for years and new to online dating. He seems sweet to a fault. We haven't met in person yet. He freaked when I asked for a pic of his new haircut... update:we're going out Monday.
  7. Missed Connection
    This dude I guess had gone out years ago w/an acquaintance of mine. Three dates. 1st date, coffee and chill. 2nd date, walk around the park, still chill. 3rd date we are at a bar for 10 minutes, order a drink, he downs it, and bounces randomly. Don't worry, he paid for his drink. I just never heard from him again.
  8. More to come, later maybe... we shall see.