inspired by @quixotic @BrentMWiggins and anyone else who had this list. it was kind of fun.
  1. Robin Scherbatsky from How I Met Your Mother.
    Dark Liquor, all career, an unusual past, and an affinity for her Home town. Yep, except her wardrobe...droool.
  2. Selena
    I know I know. Selena isn't a TV character. No sir, she's so much more. The little girl in me will always Love Selena. A strong Mexican woman where Spanish was her second language and family always came first. Selena forever! Seriously forever.
  3. Red
    I have a feeling(minus the lack of hair) I will be kind of a crotchety old person. It's going to be nice calling people dumbass left and right with no one wanting to "teach me a lesson"... wanna know why? Because! They're a dumbass! ... dumbass.