I've been student teaching all semester & we're supposed to gradually pick up classes over the weeks & then release them back to the teacher by the end. this week is my last week so I'm not teaching at all anymore
  1. listen to Spotify with one earphone in
    2 if I'm feeling particularly annoyed or absorbed in the book I'm reading
  2. read ebooks or pdfs
    yesterday was a big short story day - I just google "Philip K dick short stories online" or "Margaret Atwood stories" and read all I can. today is "the bluest eye" by Toni Morrison
  3. nod a lot
    I generally prefer silence to constant conversation so I nod in order not to encourage too much talking
  4. make lists
    if I made three thousand to-do lists maybe I'll get stuff done... or be less bored
  5. send emails
    emails on emails
  6. tell students to stop eating in class
    sorry buddies
  7. curl up in my snoopy blanket and accept the fact that my hands will be cold forever
    this school is freezing
  8. be bored