No better way to see the city then to find visually amazing locations that define the city ( pics from my Instagram account follow me @ineesta)
  1. WTC path station. This is a futuristic looking spot. It is a perfect new spot to check out NY commuter crowd.
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  2. New whitney museum: the new whitney museum in meat Packing district is spectacular. Make Sure to take the stairs to go between floors. This provides best view of the city.
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  3. Brooklyn bridge: Taking a Walk on Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most amazing experience. This is a beautiful bridge and Perfect to capture on your trip here.
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  4. Tudor Overpass: placed in midtown This spot is one of the best secrets of the city. It gives you a Perfect view of the city with chrysler building in the background.
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  5. Grand central station: one of the oldest and prettiest station. It is one of those spots which is always crowded and provides a Perfect spot to experience that NY rush.
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  6. Columbus circle : Upper west side is incomplete without Columbus circle. Head to the hotel by the mall grab a drink there and enjoy This Perfect view.
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  7. Roosevelt Tram : you dont need to own a drone to get an aerial view of east side of NY. Simply take the Roosevelt tram ride, which provides the best aerial view .
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  8. DUMBO: located in Brooklyn dumbo provides Great mix of restaurants and bars alongwith a Great view and This stained glass art piece making This area look really pretty during day or night.
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  9. MET Rooftop: Drinks by MET rooftop helps you enjoy a feeling of city oasis.
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  10. Manhattan bridge walkway: a Walk over Manhattan bridge provides the best view of the city. It provides an interesting vantage point.
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