1. Lessons Learned from Jeff Bezos, Reid Hoffman, and More https://overcast.fm/+BmGUHDwNA
    If you want to figure out how Evernote became Evernote, this is a must listen
  2. BJ Novak of The Office on Creative Process, Handling Rejection, and Good Comedy https://overcast.fm/+BmGWUOs28
    Every writers go-to-inspiration cast IMO
  3. Comedy’s Dynamic Duo, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg https://overcast.fm/+BmGWzs_-M
    Hands down the funniest interviews he has on record
  4. How a Computer Hacker Optimizes Online Dating, Opens Locked Cars, and Hijacks Drones https://overcast.fm/+BmGW7qehI
    It's not fair to leave this one out of this geeky list