I'm no expert or guru, but I've been around. My perspective of Zen is that timeless moment before you realize you are actually enjoying what you're doing. Here are some activities that get me there, please feel invited to add your own.
  1. Washing Dishes
    Somewhere between filling the sink and draining it again, there is a battle waged against stuck on food and botulism. I find myself often too distracted with the moment to think of anything else.
  2. Sewing
    One stitch, one knot, one broken thread, one eye in one needle. It's all a journey of small steps, once completed creates form and identity from cloth and imagination. When you mend you show care and consider true value.
  3. Gardening
    Barefoot and singing in the dirt, choosing between beneficial plants and resource consuming invaders. Finding your connection to earth and life and consequences can stick with you long after the watering is done.
  4. Digging Holes
    I find lots of reasons to dig holes, some are more pleasant than others. Whether planting a tree, making a latrine, burying a pet, the simplicity and repetitive activity can be very clearing for your mind.
  5. Walking
    The fresh air and visuals are their own reward, however studies have proven that cross-brain activities such as bipedal motion are highly stimulating and restorative to your physical and mental well-being.