I've recently started helping a friend sell NOLA style shaved ice in Louisville. We make our own syrups in a commissary kitchen in town, using cane sugar and natural ingredients. it's fantastic.
  1. Lavender Lemonaid
    What could be better on a hot and humid day than icy lemonaid infused with lavender?
  2. Lemon Tea
    Brew up some Oolong and bring back the lavender lemonaid for this homerun.
  3. Cantaloupe
    It tastes like cantaloupe because it's made from cantaloupe and nothing else. Some people don't like it, then they admit they never liked cantaloupe ...
  4. Pineapple
    'Nuff said.
  5. Bourbon Barrel Stout
    Unfortunately, we cook the alcohol out, but damn, it's good with a touch of sweetcream.
  6. Pickle
    A local man makes pickles, we use his brine. If you're real nice, we'll even put a whole pickle in it. I #&^! $* love pickles.
  7. We have many more flavors
    But these are my favorite so far. Happy Summer y'all!