I travel as a way of life, seeking new sights and experiences. I also encounter a lot of people. Marginalizing them may leave a bad taste, but I'm going to do it anyway.
  1. Hippies
    Often travel to attend music festivals, volunteering for admission or selling hash in the parking lot. May also be found on communes and on the west coast during harvest season.
  2. Crusty
    Associated with riding freight and acoustic punk or blackgrass music. Identifiable by Carhart bibs and skank rags. Great opportunities to collaborate on music & drink booze.
  3. Homebums
    Whether sitting on a bucket with an illegible sign, sifting through garbage for empty cans, or pushing a cart full of blankets, they're definitely not going anywhere. Often know where to find drugs.
  4. Christians
    Ever searching for another soul to save from eternal hellfire, when you put yourself out there for conversation, they'll be drawn to you. I personally appreciate any opportunity to discuss philosophy.
  5. Juggalos
    Woop woop.