This is an idea I hope will reach the development staff at If you would like to help, please like & relist.
  1. Goals
    ¤ Increase incentives for habitual use. ¤ Attract new user demographics. ¤ Provide increased ad-free revenue. ¤ Maintain integrity & user privacy.
  2. The Basics
    Likes & Relists add points to your account. A lifetime accumulation is tracked and displayed on user profiles (optionaly) to denote veteran users. Available pool of points can be cashed in on gift cards and free time on subscription services.
  3. How it works
    ¤ Like = 1 point ¤ Relist = 5 points ¤ Cash in points on rewards
  4. User Benefits
    ¤ profile development. ¤ real world consumer rewards. ¤ increased community interactions.
  5. Rewards
    ¤ Gift cards. ¤ Product trials. ¤ Premium Content trials. ¤ Subscription trials (lootbox!)
  6. Revenue
    Sellers want access to Li.sters, Li.sters want privacy. Sellers pay to offer their products as rewards, Li.sters choose from available rewards.
  7. Potential Exploits
    ¤ multiple accounts (monitor for multiple logins from same ip) ¤ scripting (monitor for repeating rapid transactions)
  8. Thank you li.sters and staff for making my new favorite place.