Recently I realized I've unintentionally done some of the things that I said I would. This has prompted me to formalize a and track my progress.
  1. Archeologist for a day
    I've visited several ruins and done a lot of rockhounding, however I've never participated in a real active dig. This is certainly one of my first life ambitions.
  2. Fly a kite for a year
    My father and I made newspaper kites when I was young. They were fun for a few hours. I'd like to build a sturdy kite, fly it super high, then stake it out for as long as it will stay up. Maybe Guinness is interested.
  3. Late Show Guest
    I want to do something worthy of a late show appearance. Late shows have been a guilty pleasure of mine for years. I just think it would be fun and can see myself sitting on those couches.
  4. Attend Lebowskifest
    Ever since there was Lebowskifest, I've wanted to attend. The movie was a staple in my impressionable youth. This year my wish finally comes true, thanks to @zeta (She's the Maude to my Dude)
  5. Build a house
    I used to think a bumshack would due, but after working in construction I don't want to goof around with cratewood. I want to build a real live house. Well not a live one, that would be weird.
  6. Win a Literary Award
    I'm not there yet, but someday.
  7. Author a Banned Book
    Ever since I was in Middle School I've been obsessed with banned books. The idea that an idea can be outlawed. I'd like to write a book that's banned somewhere, anywhere.
  8. Visit all Fifty States
    Remaining: Washington, Montana, Idaho, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Dakotas, Alaska, Hawaii
  9. Publish a Novel (completed 2015)
    As a youth I was inspired by poets and beat authors. I feel the urge to give back by providing bad advice to a whole new generation. Now I'm working on my 2nd. If interested, search for me on Amazon.
  10. Find Bigfoot (completed 2014)
    It sounds weird, but I said I would, and I did. He was hitchhiking in Tennessee with four dogs. I got him to give me one.
  11. Go to Jail (completed 2011)
    I always wondered what it was like. I found out when I refused to vacate a public park during a constitutional protest.
  12. Get a Tattoo (completed 2010)
    It's true, they are addictive. Know anyone with a rig?