My neighbor's dogs

My neighbor has a lot of dogs, enough to deserve their own list. All these dogs were dumped at the edge of the Navajo Reservation. Please don't dump animals, and send dog food.
  1. Lucy
    The alpha veteran of the pack
  2. Cody
    Neurotic ADHD dog with his volume stuck on 11
  3. Maizie
    Who sounds like a Wookiee
  4. Maya
    A prophecy of destruction
  5. Gracie
    Someone overbred this girl, then dumped her with a belly full of mutts
  6. Sugar
    Gracie's daughter and the new Queen in training
  7. Merl
    Gracie's son, part buffalo
  8. Chupa
    The mysterious el chupacabra
  9. Moe
    1/2 of the two stooges, newest additions
  10. Curly
    The other stooge, this one's scared of me. Poor fella